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Top 9 Websites for Free SVG – The Definitive list!


Scale across mobile to cinema screens with SVG

Customers view 80% of the shared presentations on mobile devices. On the other hand, live presentations (either online or in-person) involve the use of a larger, higher-resolution screen. Raster graphics images in JPG, GIF, and PNG formats have a limited number of pixels and do not scale very well across a wide range of display resolutions. SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics content is represented as mathematical formulas to describe shapes, best fonts and images. This makes resolution independent.

SVGs are ideal for logos, icons, illustrations, and infographics. SVGs are underutilized in most presentations even though they have been around for a long time.

Here are a Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Using SVG Content in Your presentations:

  1. SVG content can scale infinitely in size without loss of quality
  2. Icons and illustrations designed in SVG format can be easily animated
  3. Compared to raster image files, SVG files are significantly smaller
  4. They are easy to edit using a simple text editor
  5. Compatibility across devices: SVG content is supported by modern web browsers and can be easily displayed on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This ensures consistent team presentation quality regardless of the device used.
  6. Accessibility: SVG content can be made accessible by adding text descriptions or alternative text, making it easier for visually impaired individuals to understand and engage with the creative presentation.
  7. Interactive features: SVG content allows for the inclusion of interactive elements such as hover effects, click animations, and interactive maps, enhancing audience engagement and interactivity during the presentation.
  8. Scalability for responsive design: SVG content seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, making it ideal for creating responsive and dynamic presentations that adjust to the viewing environment without compromising visual quality.
  9. Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits: SVG content can improve SEO as search engines can easily crawl and index the text within SVG files, enhancing the discoverability of the presentation content.
  10. Versatility: SVG content can be integrated into various presentation platforms, including PowerPoint, Keynote, and web-based presentation tools, giving you the flexibility to use SVG illustrations, icons, and graphics across different mediums.

By leveraging the advantages of SVG content in your presentations, you can create visually appealing, flexible, and engaging experiences for your audience while maintaining high-quality visuals and optimizing accessibility.

We surveyed lots of websites that offer free SVG and were pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the content available. 

Try out all the sites, despite ranking them according to the described criteria. You never know which one works best for you.

SVG Ranking Criteria

  1. How many files are available on the website? 
  2. Is the content on the site free to download? Do they require licensing or royalty payments for sharing or publishing the content?
  3. How intuitive is the user interface for search, preview and download?

Go ahead and build engaging presentations with these free SVGs!

1. unDraw


unDraw is a very impressive website for free illustrations as you get copyright-free SVG files and you can edit, customize, and stitch together multiple illustrations for a custom design as per your requirements

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2. Pixabay


Pixabay offers a collection of SVG that are of premium quality (some aren’t free, so just make sure you pick the free ones).

3. Open Doodles

Open Doodles

Open Doodles is a collection of hand-drawn vector illustrations. You can copy, edit and customize these images for personal or commercial use.

4. Vectorportal

Vectorportal offers premium quality illustrations. The complement to their amazing collection of free vector patterns is their collection of small, sticker-like photos, which can prove highly useful when creating a presentation or designing within tight time constraints.

5. Freepik


Freepik simplifies your creative journey by offering a comprehensive library that houses everything you need in a single place. With millions of SVG icons and vectors at your fingertips, you have an extensive collection to explore. The hallmark of Freepik’s offerings is their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality assets. Plus, plenty of them are free to use, as long as you attribute the content.

6. Flaticon

Flaticon SVG

Flaticon offers a collection of vector images in various formats. Flaticon’s images are free to use as long as you include attribution.



ICONMNSTR offers easy and customizable SVG that are free

8. Dry Icons

Dry Icons

Dry Icons offers a large collection of icons based on various themes

9. Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger offers a large collection of free downloadable icons

Previously, we surveyed sites that provide free download and distribution of photos, videos and illustrations. Combine videos, photos, illustrations and infographics to make your presentations engaging.

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One more thing about SVG!

Our social media team continues to curate free SVGs with themes relevant to corporate B2B sales presentations on our Pinterest page.  Concepts such as Workspace, Trust, Partnership, etc., organize the pins.

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