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Contains all features that professionals are using. No limitations on the number of presentations or slides.

  •    Up to 3 Users
  •    2 GB Storage
  •    PPTX Import
  •    Quick Start Video based training
  •    Customer Support – Email


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Billed Monthly (No long term commitment needed)

   Everything in Free Plan and more:

  •    Up to 10 Users
  •    10 GB / User (100 GB max) Storage
  •    Customer Engagement Analytics
  •    Branded Experience Your shared content will feature your brand’s identity. This includes using your brand’s link, as well as displaying a branded splash screen with your colors and logo upon initial access.
  •    1 free online training per year
  •    Customer Support – Online Meeting
  • Add-Ons   

    Options to purchase Other Zoomifier Products – which are available as Add-ons with a free trial


    Unleash the full potential of CustomShow with no limits and tightly integrating to your enterprise

    Annual billing with flexible billing options

       Everything in Plus Plan and more:

    •    Unlimited Users
    •    Unlimited Storage 
    •    CRM Integration
    •    SSO
    •   Customized training – online and onsite options
    •   Dedicated Customer Support

    Enterprise comes fully equipped with all Zoomifier products – no extra purchases needed


    Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Your account will be prorated for the remaining days of your current billing cycle, and you’ll be charged accordingly for the Plus/Enterprise plan.

    No, there’s no limit to the number of presentations you can create on the Free plan. However, there is a storage limit of 2 GB, so you may need to manage your files accordingly.

    While the Free plan allows you to create presentations, the branding will include Zoomifier branded links. For full customization options, including branded experiences, consider upgrading to the Plus or Enterprise plan.

    On the Free plan, all content expires after 365 days, links shared in presentations expire after 30 days, and shared presentation links will include Zoomifier branding.

    No, there’s no minimum commitment period. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time without any penalties.

    Yes, you can add or remove users from your Plus plan at any time. Your account will be prorated for the remaining days of your current billing cycle, and you’ll be charged or refunded accordingly. However, the rate will remain unchanged for the current billing cycle, and any adjustments will apply from the next billing cycle onwards.

    If you exceed the storage limit on your Plus plan, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a higher tier plan with more storage capacity.

    The only billing or payment option available for the Plus plan is credit card.

    Yes, customer support is included with all plans. However, the level of support may vary depending on the plan. The Free plan offers support via email, while the Plus and Enterprise plans provide additional support options such as online meetings and dedicated support contacts.

    Total storage is the combined size of all media elements. We calculate it by adding up the file sizes of each element. The formula is: Total Storage = (File Size of 1st media element) + (File Size of 2nd media element) + … + (File Size of nth media element).