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Top Websites for Free Music and Sound Effects


Sound makes presentations memorable:

Music and sound effects are rarely considered by the marketing and sales team for B2B presentations. Proper use of audio clips helps in telling your story, highlighting an important point and retaining audience’s attention.

Here are 08 reasons why you should consider adding high quality Royalty Free Sound Effects & Music Clips in your presentations:

  1. Enhance Engagement: Adding high-quality sound effects and music clips to your presentations can captivate your audience and make your content more engaging. It can create an immersive experience and grab their attention.
  2. Emotional Impact: Sound effects and music have the power to evoke emotions. By incorporating them into your presentations, you can enhance the emotional impact of your message and make it more memorable for your audience.
  3. Setting the Tone: Whether you want to create a sense of excitement, suspense, or calmness, the right audio elements can contribute to the overall ambiance and enhance the delivery of your content.
  4. Reinforce Key Points: Using sound effects and music strategically can help reinforce key points or highlight important information. It can act as a cue, signaling transitions, emphasizing specific moments, or adding emphasis to key messages.
  5. Professionalism and Creativity: Incorporating high-quality royalty-free sound effects and music clips demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. It shows that you have taken the time to enhance your presentation and adds a creative element that can make your content stand out.
  6. Improved Retention: Research suggests that the combination of visual and auditory stimuli can enhance information retention. By incorporating sound effects and music, you can create a multi-sensory experience that improves the likelihood of your audience remembering your content.
  7. Elevate the Overall Experience: Adding sound effects and music clips can elevate the overall experience of your presentation. It can transform a mundane or ordinary presentation into something more dynamic, enjoyable, and memorable.
  8. Personalization and Branding: By selecting sound effects and music that align with your brand or presentation style, you can add a personal touch and strengthen your brand identity. Consistently using specific audio elements across presentations can help reinforce your brand recognition.

2 Reasons Why You Hesitate Using Sound Effects & Music Clips:

  1. Creating presentations with PowerPoint, packaging them as PDFs and then sending email attachments – all put severe restrictions on the size of your presentations. Presentations with high quality music and sound effects, as well as other rich media elements, can easily get larger in size.
  2. There is a perception that good quality and relevant music and sound effects are hard to find and will be expensive.

You can easily overcome the first problem by switching from PowerPoint to CustomShow. But sometimes the problem can be elementary. And this is limited access due to your location. If so, check out all the possible use cases for VPN on the blog at cooltechzone.

To help you overcome the second problem, we surveyed lots of websites that offer free download and distribution of audio content. so you do not have to look for illegal sources which lead to needing to remove malware on your computer.

We ranked them by the criteria described below but do try them all out. You never know which one works best for you.

Website Ranking Criteria

  1. How many music and sound effects are available on the website? 
  2. Is the download free? Do they require licensing for sharing or publishing commercially?
  3. How intuitive is the user interface for search, preview and download?

Free Website List

1. Sound Bible

Sound Bible

Sound Bible offers thousands of Royalty free sound effects that can be easily downloaded. Every sound effect has a unique license that is marked next to it.

2. ZapSplat


ZapSplat is one of the best Sound Effects & Music clips sites. It offers over 50000 sound clips free with some limitations for those users who do not upgrade their accounts on the site.

3. Freesound


Freesound offers a large collection of royalty free audio clips. There is an option where you can make donations if you wish.

4. Soundeffects+


Soundeffects+ offers over 5000 free sound effects recorded, designed and produced by a team of audio professionals.

5. Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme offer a large collection of Royalty Free Music Clips with a very nominal one time License fee. The Music clips are systematically organized based on various themes.

6. Soundgator


Soundgator offers over 5000 free sound effects that are easily downloadable.

7. ccMixter


ccMixter offers over 120 original Music Clips for Commercial projects, Film & Video and Video games.

8. Bensound


Bensound over 300 Royalty Free Music Clips based on various themes like Electronica, Pop, Corporate etc.  

We hope this will help you make your presentations engaging and impactful. You can use these 8 remarkable sites for your business and personal requirements.

9. Podcastle


Podcastle is an audio recording software, which has an internal library of royalty-free music. Once you record something there, you instantly get access to 30 copyright-free music tracks.

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