How It Works

Slide Library

Your presentation homebase

All your company’s media right at your fingertips. Presentations, videos, logos and other collateral is on brand and in one place.

Say hello to version control

Marketing can update anything in the library with the push of a button and know that every sales person will receive the new version.

Tailor the message

In addition, marketing can determine which slides are customizable, which fonts are on brand, and which sales teams have access to which content.



CustomShow presentations work the same way sales people do: Deliver presentations in person with or without an internet connection, over the web as a self-directed link or a Web meeting, as a PDF, as a PPT file, or as a printed document.


In person presentations play smoothly on iPads, Macs, and PCs, including videos and embedded fonts. Video is automatically optimized for each device and plays reliably with or without a network connection.


CustomShow makes sure that every file is in the right place and in the correct format so everything looks great for the audience.

Present Anywhere

iPad App

CustomShow’s dedicated iPad App lets you download presentations to your iPad and present seamlessly without an Internet connection.

Desktop App

CustomShow’s Desktop App gives presenters the reliability and security of being able to present offline while still having the benefits of Cloud-based collaboration and updates.

Web Viewer

View presentations anywhere just by sending links or logging into your CustomShow account. Never be without a presentation again.

Slideshow Links


This unique URL can be pasted in an email, LinkedIn post, or tweet. Now you can share entire presentations without clogging inboxes.


CustomShow presentations are secure and trackable: expire presentations, update slides even after they’ve been sent, and receive an email each time a presentation is viewed.


CustomShow presentations may be viewed in any Windows or Mac browser.

Web Meetings

CustomShow Web Meetings were built to stream full screen video with audio to provide the best possible experience for the audience. Bandwidth is automatically tailored to the speed of each viewer’s network connection.

Video and other media is streamed from a global content distribution network to ensure reliable performance for every viewer.

Presentation Metrics

Valuable metrics and alerts provide insight into who is looking at slides and videos and let sales teams sell smarter.

Track who views your presentations and see how much time they spent viewing it and how many slides they viewed.

Integrate your CustomShow account with your account to add viewing metrics and statistics directly into


The editor console is powerful yet easy to use.


Advanced design and animation tools include builds, transitions, drop shadows, charts and graphs, shapes, 3D effects, and more.


Colleagues can collaborate on slides and presentations in real-time


Familiar text boxes make it easy to customize eye catching slides.

File Types:

Images: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF Videos: MPG, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, M4V Fonts: TrueType, OTF Flash: SWF PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX



Grant permissions and push updates to sales people. Determine which groups see which content. See which slides are being used across the company.