All the Elements
to Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

Easily Add Video into Your Presentation
Embed and edit high resolution videos directly on your presentation slide! CustomShow has no size or length restrictions.
CustomShow also lets you configure exactly how you want to present your video.

Hover On Play

Play in Fullscreen

Crop Video

Trim Video


& Explainer Animations
Animations are 60,000x faster at explaining a concept compared to text. CustomShow empowers you to utilize animations and builds to help you break up complex ideas into simple concepts.
these as well
Leverage all your sales content within your presentation.




Animated Charts
Make Data Easier to Consume
Data and falafels are both painful to consume when they are dry, but undeniably binge worthy when you add some sauce and spice.

Pie Charts

Bar Charts

Line Graphs

Custom Fonts


Line Height

Custom Bullets

Pixel Alignment

Spell Check

Industry Leading
Text Manipulation
Interact with Elements on
Your Presentation Slide
Add and present interactive elements like maps, 3D models, virtual tours, and so much more directly on your slide. Transform static slides into dynamic show & tell experiences.

Interactive Maps

Explain location like never before by embedding interactive maps directly within your CustomShow presentation.

Press and hold CTRL while clicking and dragging your cursor up to pan and tilt the camera.
Hint: Can you spot the sea turtle in the video above?

360 Images & Video

Let your audience feel like they are there through immersive 360 degree videos and photos.

Virtual Tours

Take your audience on a virtual tour during your presentation.

Click the compass in the top right to go to another room in the house.
Beyond Next Slide & Previous Slide
Add custom navigation to any element on your slide.

Jump to Slide

External URLs


Rapidly Customize Your Pitch
with Easy Drag & Drop
CustomShow delivers the most powerful enterprise presentation slide library management features. Period.
Version Management
Up to Date. On Brand. Compliant.
With publishing control and version management you can ensure the published version of a presentation is always up to date, on brand, on-message, and compliant.
Enterprise Grade
Real-time Online Collaboration
Collaborate. Comment. Resolve Feedback.
Collaborate In Real-time
Accelerate design with multiple users collaborating on the same presentation in realtime.
Precise Commenting
Eliminate miscommunication by attaching comments directly to visual elements on a slide.
Trackable Feedback
Ensure your feedback is tracked and resolved as your sales pitch rapidly evolves.
From PowerPoint to CustomShow
and Back
Effortlessly import from PowerPoint or PDF to CustomShow.
Single click export from CustomShow to PowerPoint or PDF.
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