Sales Productivity

Zombies are Eating Your Company!

Originally posted on LinkedIn. That presentation with outdated data and old branding? The PowerPoint presentation that was “Frankenstein’d” together with last year’s product inventory and

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The Value of StoryTelling in the Sales Presentation Process

In a story, you provide the context to customers and can drive points home harder. Through stories, facts and raw data gain meaning. Stories are how we best learn and visualize information. They simplify and clarify even the most complex information. They can hook an audience with emotion. Additionally, stories help people remember what they’ve heard.

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Sales Enablement Software Tools To Boost Productivity & Sales

Sales are a key element of what makes business go round. While there are many tactics and advice surrounding effective selling, there are also tools that have been designed to encourage sales teams and increase overall productivity and impact. Out of the thousands of tools out there, here are 5 tools that we’ve found to be specifically designed around sales enablement and yield great results across departments.

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