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CustomShow Ranked as an “Innovator” by Aragon Research


NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 8 — A new report from leading analyst firm Aragon Research, Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Engagement Platforms 2016, has ranked CustomShow as an “Innovator” in the growing market of Sales Engagement Platforms. The Aragon Research Globe™ is a market evaluation tool that graphically depicts Aragon Research’s evaluation of a specific market and its component vendors.

Currently a $780M market, Aragon Research estimates Sales Engagement Platforms will grow to be worth U.S. $5 Billion by 2021. With so many resources being invested throughout the sales process, CustomShow leverages those content investments at the most critical part of the sales funnel—the sales meeting where deals are closed.

“It’s great to be recognized by Jim and the Aragon Research team, but what’s really exciting is the increased focus this puts on the Sales Engagement process and its importance to companies’ bottom lines,” said Paul Shapiro, CEO of CustomShow. “With all the different ways technology is changing the sales process today, it’s more important than ever for companies to have the right tools and platforms to stay competitive.”

CustomShow empowers sales and marketing teams to build, manage and deliver presentations that make an impact. With a focus on integrating video and branded design elements into an updateable library of presentations, CustomShow lets sales teams deliver accurate, great-looking presentations in every meeting—online, offline and mobile.

To make sure companies get the most out of their best presentations, CustomShow offers analytics and metrics to let salespeople and team leaders see what’s working and what’s not. From Slide Views and Time Spent Viewing to real-time Viewing Notifications and User Activity Reports, CustomShow provides the data teams need to constantly improve.

About CustomShow

CustomShow is the first software platform to treat presentations as a true marketing and branding channel. Whether you’re a salesperson, marketer, designer or sales manager, CustomShow makes it easier for you to have a greater impact on sales and measure those results. CustomShow improves design, organization, delivery, updating, and security for all presentations across your entire organization.

More than just a PowerPoint alternative, CustomShow is a “brand engagement delivery platform” that reaches key customers and clients where you can have the greatest impact and engagement—in the sales meeting. CustomShow is designed to let marketing and sales teams work together on a single platform, better aligning marketing direction with sales goals. Used by Fortune 500 clients for over a decade, CustomShow continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of business clients and allows companies and organizations to build better, branded presentations and manage them across their teams.

Make an Impact. Deliver Results.

Customers include AMC Networks, Vox Media, Discovery Communications, NBCUniversal, Hearst and Edison Research, among many others. For more information, please visit