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Bridging the Communication Gap between Marketing and Design


Communication Gap

We recently came across an article on HubSpot highlighting the difficulties that marketers and designers have communicating with each other. While each team may have different roles and goals, it is imperative that the two interact well for the well being of the company.

Here at CustomShow we created a software platform to help bridge the gap  between these two industries.  CustomShow’s real-time collaboration lets Marketers work directly with Designers to build, edit and revise presentations across the office or across the world. Teams can work together in the same presentation to efficiently and seamlessly make changes and update data without the confusion of multiple copies. This also helps avoid the dreaded last-minute collating of changes.

Additionally, CustomShow has a slide library management interface which enables the design team to set up the brand guidelines and then allows marketing and sales to all stay in the loop.

You can check out the full HubSpot Q&A on Marketing and Design communication breakdown here.  Questions about CustomShow?  Schedule your free consultation with a CustomShow professional here.