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Making The Presentation Software Change In Your Organization


Change or die.  That’s the Mantra from the book that lives and breathes within organizations.  Many companies fear making big shifts in organizational structure, process, and certainly technology.  We’ve seen organizations like Uber and AirBnB totally disrupt the transportation and hotel/lodging industries respectively by making technology the bedrock of their enterprises.  If you don’t change, you’ll become the next Blockbuster or local taxi company that has not shifted your thinking to innovate and stay above the rest of your counterparts.

Another way to look at the change paradigm is this: take stock of all your strengths and unique positions.  If another similar organization can stick their logo on yours and operate just the same, you’re dealing in a more perfectly competitive environment where its a zero sum game and you don’t possess true differentiating advantages in the marketplace.

That’s why at CustomShow, we believe strongly in pushing companies to make the shift to a presentation software that isn’t just simply “good enough” and not even “great enough.”  We built a software that is extraordinary.  One that sets you apart from your competitors, wows your audience, and creates a strong collaborative unit that put its best foot forward.  But again, if you don’t know the things that matter when incorporating change within your organization, you’ll have a tough time forwarding your company.

Making The Change

To make the change within your organization, consider 4 big picture items that will be critical to get your organization on board with any new presentation software you’re considering:

Get Buy-In From Marketing & Design Teams

You need to get buy in from those people who are most likely to utilize the software the most.  We see sales and marketing teams spending the most time with presentation software.  They need to be aware of the core benefits, how to use, and it will help them win more business and why it matters to their departments NOW.  There are other people in key leadership positions depending on the size of your organization, but the sales, marketing and design teams need to feel good about the transition.  If you tackle them firm, the rest of the organization will fall in line.

Align Core Benefits With Organization

After you’ve met with your marketing and design teams, the best way to convince them is to align the benefits and features of the presentation software with the core competencies of your organization.  You can start by reviewing our prior post of the most utilized features in presentation software and working to align which ones matter to you.   Afterward, you can utilize the checklist we created as you research different presentation programs.  These two posts alone will make your job easier in understanding which top 3 presentation tools will best align with your organization.

Conduct Trial Training/Demo Day

No best way to get an organization on board other than having them fully experience the software.  We like demo days or training days where the team from that presentation software company conducts either an in person or webinar showcases the features and various ways the software can be utilized. With webinar software, you can easily create presentations for your organization that will quickly and effectively convey the information needed

Receive Sample Presentation From Company

Some presentation software companies will occasionally prepare of presentation utilizing the actual  Survey Software.  The best way too accomplish this is to simply ask the company if they could create one utilizing their powerpoint import tool and asking someone from their staff to create some basic enhancements to give the marketing team a better feel for how the software can be used.

Change or die.  Going back to our original conversation, living with just powerpoint or Prezi is not going to cut it when we all need every differentiating advantage we can get.  You can remain the old hotel with a paper booking system or become the next AirBnB and implement disruptive technologies and a business model that will propel your company forward.  You choose.