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Focus on Business

CustomShow.com has been the leader in business presentation innovation for over 10 years. CustomShow.com combines years of presentation experience with the latest technology to deliver branded, engaging presentations for businesses. From the beginning, CustomShow was built with one goal: to provide an alternative to Powerpoint for enterprise teams to create and deliver presentations that translate static data into dynamic and compelling stories.

Backed by Experience

Initially released in 1998, CustomShow® is currently in its seventh version and has thousands of users in Fortune 1000 companies. Current customers include Western Union, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Christian Dior, Hearst, and Condé Nast. More than fifty sales and marketing teams use CustomShow to distribute and manage digital presentations to thousands of geographically distributed presenters around the world.

Global Platform

CustomShow helps companies manage and deliver presentations globally while letting salespeople customize locally. Benefits include real-time collaboration, consistency, tracking, security, compliance, increased productivity, portability between devices, high quality visuals and streaming HD-quality video.

CustomShow has been developed with a focus on:

  • Delivering excellent design, innovative technology and time-saving efficiencies
  • Providing the highest level of customer service, training and support
  • Staying ahead of the competition and providing enterprise clients real value
  • Inspiring our users with the confidence it takes to make every meeting a success

Presentation ROI

CustomShow users report saving 30 minutes in prep time per presentation, which when multiplied across an entire sales force provides substantial savings. CustomShow helps companies stand out in the marketplace and gives them real-time control over brand and message.