7 Features that Help Sales & Marketing Work Together on Presentations

While sales teams are frequently the ones giving presentations, marketing is generally the team that initially creates them. Sales and marketing are focused on the same goal: to grow business. In order to do this, they each approach that goal differently. Presentation makers on one team may try to solve a problem that ends up creating more problems for the other team. Marketing’s control of brand and message and often inhibit sales’ flexibility while the sales team’s on-the-fly customization can affect the company’s brand and message. It is important to consider what elements are most important to you and your organization by bringing sales and marketing together to cohesively deliver on those elements.

Marketing and sales are both imperative to the task of growing a business and whenever the teams need to work together, a solution that serves both teams equally is important. Sales often doesn’t care if presentations are off-brand because their focus is speed of response and customization. Marketing’s focus is on the company brand and message thus wanting a beautifully designed presentation. On the other hand, speed and volume drive sales motivations.

While there are several presentation tools that focus on enterprise sales and marketing teams, here are 7 features and functions that can help those two teams work together.

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