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Create Stunning Rich Media Presentations For Free


Rich Media Presentations Grab Attention

CustomShow users replace boring text and bullet list-heavy presentations with high-quality videos that can also be produced with an online video editor, animations, photos, illustrations, graphical icons, and music (rich media) to tell their story. This grabs their audience’s attention, keeps them engaged and delivers a memorable experience.

Our customers ask us two questions very frequently:

  1. When should I use a specific rich media type such as video, photo, illustration, etc.?
  2. How can I create stunning presentations without spending too much money?

This article answers both of these questions. We explain the ideal use of each rich media content type. Our team conducted extensive research to find and rank the best sites to get that provide rich media content for free.

Videos and Animations

The most common use of videos in presentations include:

  1. Presenting a customer testimonial video or an executive’s message
  2. Describing a place
  3. Demonstrating your offering
  4. Explaining a complex idea

In addition, CustomShow users use background videos to grab the audience’s attention and set the tone of the slide. It is the easiest way to make your presentation stand out. Whether you’re a tech startup or provide a communications platform as a service, you need to be creative in your presentations for more success.

Here is a list and ranking of sites from which you can download and use free videos and animations.

High-Resolution Photos

The most common use of photos in presentations include:

  1. Representing people and places
  2. Displaying products
  3. Expressing an emotion

Photos also form excellent backdrops and set a mood. If you’re displaying your products, using photos is also a good way to present an online business with no inventory. You will show these presentations via Simulcast, Google Meet or an alternative such as Zoom, so you need to ensure the highest quality.

Here is a list and ranking of sites from which you can download and use free photos.

Illustrations and Infographics

People often make the mistake of explaining things with too much text. Simple illustrations and infographics are easier to understand and more memorable. Also, make sure to create an attractive logo design to add to your presentations as a way of presenting your brand.

Here is a list and ranking of some great sites from you can download and use free illustrations and create infographics.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Icons reinforce your textual descriptions. Diagrams of common shapes such as sales funnel, organizational hierarchy, process diagrams, common day-to-day objects, etc. deliver your message visually. Together, they balance out the layout and deliver the message more effectively.

SVG files are very light, they scale infinitely and are fairly easy to modify to suit your purpose.

Designers have created and shared thousands of icons and diagrams. Here is a list of sites that provide access to them at no cost.

Sound Effects and Background Music

Don’t overuse it but inserting a relevant sound effect can draw your audience’s attention at the right time. Background music can set the mood and tempo. All of this is especially important when you are not presenting in person and sharing the presentation.

Here is a list of some sites with a great collection of free sound effects and background music.

We hope that easy access to high-quality rich media content will encourage you to design spectacular presentations that grab attention and engage your audience.