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Selling Presentation Software To Your Company


If you saw our powerpoint zombie apocalypse post, you will know that the end is here and powerpoint is dominating the psyche of human beings.  The world was coming to an end while the little powerpoint slides took over our planet. PowerPoint slowly entered our psyche and forced us to accept subpar presentations without the customization and pizzazz presentations truly deserve.  This is like a virus…a bacteria that needs to be eradicated with the proper vaccine and treatment.  Well, CustomShow is that vaccine and we are determined to rid the planet of this deadly virus.

We’re kidding of course, but doesn’t it feel like it’s hard to release the grips on making powerpoint presentations when you’re so use to it?  How can sales managers convince their organization to switch?  How can market managers relieve their staff of the virus that has taken hold of them?  Well we noticed that there are 4 things we tell VP’s and managers to share with their staff that will help them be more willing to try new presentation software.

Demo & Training Day

People will not release their grips on PowerPoint unless they actually see what else is out there and what’s possible. Sales and marketing managers may be convinced that their new presentation tool will help them generate more leads and win more business, but their subordinates cannot get onboard until someone does a demo for them.  It can be either a webinar or a video you send them that will showcase the ease and functionality of the software.  Get them immersed into the experience of the software and they will let go of PowerPoint slides.

“You’ll Make More Money”

Telling your staff that they’ll make more money with this software may not be enough, but it can be a compelling reason as you share with them the statistics as to how many more companies close deals with the existing presentation software (PowerPoint) versus the new presentation software you employ.  As you know, case studies are powerful.  If they know something is going to help them make more money, then show them examples of other companies that closed more deals when they switched away from PowerPoint.  Most presentation software companies can provide this data for you to share with your employees.

Your own staff will save more time

They may not be fully convinced the new software will save them time because there is a learning process.  But when you explain that they no longer have to search for new collateral, they can store everything in the cloud, and share the content with their peers better than powerpoint, then it becomes an easier sell.  Show them the times saved on the backend and they’ll become more open and likely to test out the software.

Because You said so

You can always strong arm your staff and just tell them they have no choice.  That doesn’t always do over well but that is an absolute option.  We think if you utilize the initial three recommendations, this won’t be necessary.  You will always get pushback from those diehard PowerPoint fans, but those who are open to seeing the value will work to take advantage of it and get others on board to do the same.

These may be simple solutions that even we use at CustomShow to sell to companies we want to use our software, but we use them ourselves because they are true and they work.  Being able to save time and sell more are critical things in any salesperson’s work life.  We believe many presentation tools out there are better than Powerpoint, but CustomShow is truly a solution worth considering if you want to close more business and truly empower your sales, marketing, and design workforce.