Jalapeño Poppers

Ignite excitement with dynamic Sizzle Reels in your presentation!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right slide theme that matches your message. This is where background videos can offer an easy way to break free from static themes and make your presentation feel branded, focused, and really slick!

You can easily drag and drop background videos into your presentation using CustomShow. Be sure to hide those video controls once the video is added to the slide.



  • Add a Line from Shape
  • Drag and drop the Image and sizzle Video
  • Go to slide properties and set Background color (Try – #BCBEBD)


  • Select the Image
  • Resize either using the Position properties or by clicking and dragging the edges
  • Crop the Image, if required


  • Select the Line
  • In Stroke, select Type, set Color (Try – #DA332A), set Weight (Try – 3)
  • Right-click on the line, and click Duplicate Element to get another line with the same format


  • Select the Video
  • Resize either from the Position properties or by clicking and dragging the edges
  • Set Show Video Controls to Never
  • Enable Start on Click and Display Play Button
  • (optional) Click on the scissor icon on the top-right corner of the video to trim or add cuts to the video

Congratulations! You are all done!


1 Image

2 Shapes

1 Video

Design Tips & Tricks 🔥

  • You can use the slide to act as a canvas or theme for your video. Elements can also be placed along the border of the video to make a bespoke-looking video player.
  • Create contrast between the sizzle video and other elements on the slide to make it pop and be the center of attention.

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