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Add cinematic flair with Ken Burns Style Videos!

Add cinematic flair with Ken Burns Style Videos!

We learned this one from Netflix. A subtle and slow zoom-in effect can attract your audience’s focus and glue their attention to an image. Using CustomShow, you can add this effect to any photo in your presentation.



  • Add a Textbox and a Rectangle Shape to the slide
  • Drag-and-drop the Image and  Video


  • Select the Image
  • Position and give the proper size in Position properties
  • To give Ken Burns style animation, select an image, and click on Build on the top bar. 
  • In Build In, choose effect ‘Zoom’, Build Order: 1, Start: After Previous, Duration: 5 sec, Delay: 0 sec, Easing: Linear


  • Select the Video with the number animation on it.
  • Use the Position properties or its edges to fit the slide
  • Right click > Arrange > Send to back
  • Set Show Video Controls to Never


  • Select the rectangle Shape
  • Give width and height in Position properties (Try – W:450, H:200)
  • Give color in Fill (Try – #0053B3)
  • Double-click on the shape, cursor will appear, type the text
  • Customize the text by selecting the font, and changing the font size, color, and alignment in the Character property.
  • Right-click on the Textbox, and click Duplicate Element to get another Shape with the same format.


  • Let’s add Build (animation) to elements other than the Ken Burns-style image
  • Select the shape, select Build on top bar, the Build panel opens on right side
  • In Build In, choose effect ‘Wipe’, Direction: Right, Build Order: 2 , Start: With Previous, Duration: 1 sec, Delay: 0 sec, Easing: Linear
  • Repeat this for the next 2 shapes

Congratulations! You are all done!


1 Video

1 Image

3 Shapes

3 Textboxes

Design Tips & Tricks 🔥

  • Use images with a resolution of 72 dpi to ensure they are high quality and load quickly.
  • Preview the Ken Burns effect to ensure it works well with your presentation’s flow.
  • Fine-tune the zoom duration as needed to achieve the desired cinematic effect.

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