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CustomShow versus ClearSlide


Cloud Computing ConceptWhen creating a presentation within a team, having both solid organization and control of design is crucial. The ability to make edits quickly and efficiently while eliminating the potential for confusion with multiple versions is extremely valuable. While ClearSlide is a cloud-based add-on to PowerPoint, CustomShow is a fully cloud-based platform and end-to-end solution.

With ClearSlide based on PowerPoint for creating and editing presentations, here are three of the major limitations when utilizing ClearSide to manage your team’s presentations:

1. All editing happens offline. Because you have to use PowerPoint to update your presentation, there’s no way to have real time collaboration.

2. You have limited control over design because of PowerPoint’s generic design limitations. Your presentations can only look as good as your PowerPoint design.

3. ClearSlide is not cloud based. You cannot make incremental content updates because it’s not cloud based which leads to an inefficient download, edit, and then re-upload process every time even a minimal update is required.

Because of these limitations that ClearSlide and other presentation software platforms are, we built CustomShow because we wanted to do the following things:

1. Easily update individual elements with real time collaboration.

2. Not have links break when presentation is downloaded and full creative control of design.

3. Update, manage, and deliver presentations all online.

ClearSlide happens offline. At CustomShow you can have the ability to stay organized and freedom that comes from working fully in the cloud.

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