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Content As A Key Element For A Great Presentation



Last month we featured the four keys to a great presentation. These  four elements are Content, Design, Structure and Delivery. Today we’re going to highlight the important aspects of content.

We have been building and delivering dynamic presentations at CustomShow for over a decade and at Sales Graphics for 40 years before that, so we’ve seen our share of presentations. Over the years it’s become clear what works and what doesn’t.

3 elements of great content:

  • Clear message: Make sure you know what you’re trying to say. Whether it’s convincing a sales prospect of the value of your product or service, a trainee of the value of learning a process or skill, an audience of the importance of your cause or an investor in the value of your idea, it is imperative that your messaging is clear.
  • Fact support: Using data, survey results, testimonials, photographs or personal experience supports your message and gives you credibility. This then engages the audience on a deeper level and silences that little voice in their heads that questions statements that aren’t clearly backed up.
  • Curated content: Make sure you only use what you need, what’s relevant and what you can support. Too much information is worse than too little. It is better to engage your audience and leave them with questions than to bore or overload them so they tune out. If you have lots of data, pick the most compelling and most relevant. You can, in effect, summarize larger content to only convey the main ideas. If you have a great personal story, whittle it down to its essentials so you can tell it concisely.

Check out all four keys here and if you’re interested in learning more about CustomShow schedule a free demo today.