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Checklist For Choosing Your Next Presentation Software


In our effort to help companies and organizations figure out the presentation programs that better suits their needs, we created a checklist with the most frequented and useful features in presentation programs.  We added CustomShow to the list.

Description CustomShow Presentation Software 1 Presentation Software 2
Powerpoint Import Ability to take your presentation and “seamlessly” export it into a Powerpoint file. Yes
Team Collaboration The ability to collaborate with teammates on the design and delivery of presentations under development matters to sales and marketing teams in particular. Yes
Video Media Import  Video matters and incorporating video in presentations is a standard in today’s world.  Yes
True Customization  Ability to create truly customizable presentation right within the software Yes
Analytics & Tracking  Tracking the analytics and sharing of your presentations  Yes
 Web Meetings/Live Stream  Internal app that allows for conducting web meetings  Yes
 Mobile/iPad Delivery  Having a presentation tool that can delivery your presentations video multiple devices including mobile and iPad is important. Yes
 Stock Photography Stock photography that can be used within your own presentations  Maybe
 Stock Templates  Presentation templates that can get you off to a great start.  Maybe
 Content Management  Ability through cloud storage to manage all of your content.  Yes
 Slide Annotations  Ability to type and write on your slides in real time  Yes
 PDF Support  Allows for Adobe PDF export capabilities  Yes
 Active Phone Support  Someone can directly answer support questions  Yes
 Free Trial  Free Trial Is Available  Yes
 Animation Capabilities  Ability to utilize cartoon characters for your presentations  No
 Online/Offline Capabilities  Can work on presentations online and offline  Yes
 Multiple App Integrations  Integrates with many apps includes SalesForce and even Slack  Yes
 Video Editing  Allows for editing directly within the software  No
 Privacy & Security  Provides advanced privacy and security controls  Yes
 Custom URL’s  Can create custom url’s for sharing  Yes
 Ease Of Use How easy it is to use the software Maybe