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Sales Presentation Tips and Tricks: Interview with Jeanne Tingo


Jeanne Tingo is the managing director of IMPAX Communication. IMPAX Communication is a company of twenty of the best coaches in the industry, dedicated to training and creating skills-based change that accelerates business outcomes. 

Each member of the coaching team is a leader in coaching with up to twenty years of senior-level expertise in many major industries including:  Pharmaceutical, Financial,  Media, Manufacturing, Legal, Government, Retail, Publishing and more. So regardless of what industry you’re in, the team will have great insights into how you can better your business.

At CustomShow, we’re really good at creating a presentation software that works for sales and marketing teams.  We understandpowerpoint alternatives are really what’s needed to make the sale for organizations. So without any further ado, here are the sales insights that Jeanne had to share:

Tell us a little bit about your business and what you specialize in.

IMPAX Communication specializes in helping its clients communicate effectively, both inside their own organization and outside – with clients, investors, and the media.  We teach what your mothers have been telling you for years: “Speak up when you’re spoken to; stand up straight; look at me when I’m talking to you; stop fidgeting; get your hands out of your pockets; take your elbows off the table; listen to me when I’m talking.”  Sound familiar?

What standardized process do you go through when implementing a presentation strategy for your clients? 

First and foremost: Talk to the client before you put together a presentation!  You’d be amazed at how many people put together a presentation without a clear understanding of the client needs and objectives.  The make sure to do the following two things:

  • Follow a format… why reinvent the wheel?
  • Make your information relevant to the client.  Don’t assume they understand what this information means to them.  Be clear and don’t leave anything to assumption.  Tell them, “What this means to you is…”

Is there a certain presentation sales outline you recommend for most of your clients in the B2B sales space?

We do have a clear and simple “no surprises” format we follow.  It starts and ends with the client in mind.

How does a sales team find the balance between talking more about their services versus talking more about the client?

That’s simple… it’s all about the client!   AND, of course, how your product or services will help them achieve their goals.  Clients don’t want to hear about you: unless they know you can help them.  If you are making your information relevant to them. You can strike a great balance.

We all know video is an added component to many sales presentations, do you have some advice on how best to incorporate?

  • You are playing a video to do the “heavy lifting.”  Don’t steal its thunder by giving a long unnecessary intro.
  • A good “set up” is extremely important.  That means, DON’T repeat exactly what the video says.
  • Don’t say “let’s take a look…”  Say anything but PLEASE don’t say, “Let’s take a look.”  It’s boring and doesn’t add value to the video or the client.  Be creative, have fun and grab their attention- make them want to see the video.

In what instances do you have clients revert from PowerPoint, and switch to a more sophisticated presentation tool like CustomShow or Prezi?

Delivering a more sophisticated presentation works EVERY time.  I think our clients could use CustomShow or Prezi anytime… especially when they have numerous people presenting the same presentation.  This affords control over the look and feel of the presentation and everyone can still customize to their own clients.

What design resources can you share that you use from time to time that really helps bring your presentations to life? 

Clients are a great resource.  I always design into a presentation time for the client to share what they are thinking.  You can ask a question, get feedback or just find out if you’re still on the same page.

B2B salespeople can oftentimes find it challenging to add creativity and fun to their presentations.  How can marketers liven up their B2B presentations and develop a sense of creativity throughout the creation of their presentations?

  • Video can be fun and it’s easier to use and find than you think.  YouTube is a great resource.  It should be short and sweet though.
  • Involve the clients!  You’d be amazed at how smart and creative they can be if you give them the chance.
  • I like humor in a presentation. NOT A JOKE. My standard is this: if you’re funny, you should be funny when you’re presenting!  That’s your personality, be yourself.  And if right now, you’re trying to figure out if you’re funny?  You’re not funny so don’t try to be funny in front of a large group of people.

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