Build Great Presentations

Great presentations combine the right design, the right content and the right target. CustomShow gives you the tools you need to organize all your content, update it all in real-time and make sure that everyone is using the latest and greatest.

Use All Your Content

Having great presentation content is only useful if presenters know where to find it. CustomShow’s Library lets you organize all your presentation content in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that lets presenters quickly find what they need and add it to their presentation in seconds.

Update, Update, Update

Keeping all your content up-to-date can be a daunting task but a necessary one. CustomShow lets you update all your slides from one central location and pushes those changes out to everyone’s custom presentations, ensuring that every presentation that’s shown has the most up-to-date information available.

You Control and They Customize

CustomShow lets you control your brand and message while still letting presenters customize and target their presentations. You can lock slides, provide a Media Library of brand-approved images, videos and templates while still letting presenters edit text, switch out images and graphics and re-order and rearrange slides to fit their target and presentation style.

Collaborate in Real-time

Customhow’s real-time collaboration lets Marketers work directly with presenters to build, edit and revise presentations across the office or across the world. Teams can work together in the same presentation to efficiently make changes and update data without the confusion of multiple copies and last-minute collating of changes.

Track Usage and Monitor Results

See what content presenters are using, how they’re building presentations and which presentations are being used most (or least) frequently. Make better decisions about creating and curating content based on usage and see which presentations are delivering results.