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Building Engaging Sponsorship Sales Presentations Using CustomShow


Top 5 CustomShow design tips when creating your next sponsorship or partnership sales presentation

We defined, designed and created a sponsorship sales presentation from the ground up. Here are the top five design decisions we made to maximize audience engagement and enable presenters to nail their pitch. We hope these design tips give you a fresh take on how to improve your next sponsorship sales presentation.

You can view the sponsorship sales presentation we created here.

1. Start off on the right note with a sizzle video

We all know how important the first few seconds of a sales presentation is. It sets the tone for the entire meeting for both in-person and remote meetings. Presenters need a hook to direct all the attention to their pitch. A sizzle video is the perfect tool to do this.

Sizzle videos should be attention grabbing. They should contain sound, graphics, and branding. Your audience should be grinning after watching it. CustomShow lets you incorporate sizzle videos directly on your slide, and have it play at full volume when you are ready to get started.

2. Easily jump between presentation topics using navigation

Delivering a sales presentation is a dynamic and interactive contact sport. Presenters have to simultaneously present content, while reading the audience, and answering questions. Traditional slide decks are not ideal for this. 

CustomShow lets you link any element (like text, shapes, and images) to any slide. With this simple yet powerful feature, you can create intuitive slide navigation within your presentation. Check it out for yourself in the sample above.

3. Simulate sponsorship offerings using video masks

It takes significant effort during sponsorship sales to help your customer’s envision what your offering could look like with their brand. This could vary from a logo on a beverage cup, to their brand appearing along the border of the field, or even showing a banner ad on your website or showing a mobile banner ad on a mobile device. Using professional editing tools like Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, you can create hyper-realistic renders of your offerings to show your customers. 

These can all be incorporated into your CustomShow presentation as videos and photos to help jumpstart your customer’s imagination. More importantly, these can be personalized for each customer quickly and easily using CustomShow’s slide library capabilities.

4. Inject life into static images using simple motion graphics

Jerome Liebling, a documentary filmmaker working on a project in the 1950s, had a problem. He was trying to tell the story of the Canadian Klondike Gold Rush, but only had photographic evidence. He realized showing photographs on screen was quite boring, and wanted to find a way to inject some life into them. His colleague, Ken Burn’s, had a clever solution. Crop into the photo, and pan across the image as a video. This simple yet revolutionary technique is still used today. Using panning and zooming to create a video out of a photo is a great way to get your audience to focus on a particular part of an image.

Since CustomShow supports video, you can add Ken Burn style videos of your images on the slide. You can also have them play without video controls showing up.

5. Share visuals to communicate data using animated charts

Sharing data during a sales presentation can be tricky. Even when the data is impressive, most presentations overdo the amount of figures they place on any given slide. This overwhelms your audience. One specific mistake our team often sees is an overuse of percentages on a slide. When you say something grew by 57%, it’s hard to get a sense for how much that really is or isn’t. We recommend focusing on showing a visual that represents the data. Charts and graphs are easy ways to combine many data points and statistics into something easier to consume and remember. For example, you can include an animated chart showcasing the breakdown of costs, including the event photographer price. This visual approach ensures that the pricing information is easily understandable and memorable for your potential sponsors.

CustomShow has a built-in chart and graph creator. It even lets you animate how the data appears to help you make your point more impactfully.