Lead Nurturing and Management: Turning Them Into Real Customers

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Sales Marketing Funnel

The top of the marketing and sales funnel is critical to creating brand awareness.  Finding all ways to attract website visitors and prospects to your company remains the foundation of any marketing and advertising campaign.  Marketing executives oftentimes think through their marketing budgets and stop at thinking about the other levels of the marketing and sales funnels.  We believe investments in the middle and bottom of the funnels can be even more critical than top of the funnel investments (search marketing, social media, advertising).  In that case, creating an effective lead nurturing campaign can improve conversion rates and help your marketing budget work smarter and be more effective.

Mindset of Relationship Building For Lead Nurturing

First, any effective lead nurturing campaigns is formed by the basis of creating a relationship with the potential buyer of your product or service.  There are many ways to create connections and feed your prospects with content and information to help them find what they are looking for.  By working to build a relationship with your prospect, you are creating a deep connection that will get them talking about you, sharing your content, signing up to your newsletter, and even calling you to become a potential customer.

How do you create that relationship?  By better understanding who your potential visitor is and creating an experience that adds value to their lives and ultimately their business. For us at CustomShow, we sell presentation software but we also understand many of our customers care about marketing and sales strategies.  So we work hard to provide that to our base and we continue to create that pipeline of information.  Go in with your lead nurturing campaign with this mindset and it will help translate into a more effective campaign.

Develop Premium Content Pieces

The next component to any effective lead nurturing campaigns involves premium content pieces that will feed the beast.  We’re not just talking about blog posts and social media posts.  We’re talking about premium content pieces led by data and are incredibly usable.  For example, thought leadership pieces can be great pieces but we’ve noticed that content pieces that are usable get shared more often.

Popular types of content can include the following:

  • Whitepapers
  • Videos of your product
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • Presentations


Score Your Leads

Lead scoring is the practice of scoring leads based on specific actions and information provided by the lead.  For example, if you have an email sequence and the individual prospect opts into all three emails or download a total of your three premium content pieces, they are turned into a prospect that your sales team is directed to email or call.  Each company has their own way of scoring leads but this can be a critical area of productivity if you’re reaching out to every lead…even those that are likely not to convert.  For the small business, this can be a small problem because every lead is an important lead.  But for larger companies who get inquiries on a regular basis, this can improve the productivity of the team.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email remains one of the lowest cost of customer acquisition programs in the digital marketing realm.  Part of lead nurturing includes sending targeted content and well crafted communications to people who sign up and connect with the company.  This may include sending a 3 – 5 emails over the span of 2 weeks with premium content pieces based on the initial information you collected from the prospect.  Whether you use Hubspot or a traditional email program such as Constant Contact, having something in place remains the bedrock of any lead scoring and lead nurturing campaign.

Email Opt-In’s

As part of a campaign that works to convert more people into leads, having an email opt-in is paramount to any lead nurturing campaign.  Email opt-in’s allow given prospects the chance to add their contact information to a form, which is usually placed on a squeeze page or the home page.  This can be accomplished by adding opt-in forms to the home page and other critical pages on the website that attract the most traffic.  Again, this is critical to email capture and remains the cornerstone of any lead nurturing campaign.

Chat Box

A Chat Box is another great way to convert more website visitors into leads.  Not everyone will take action on the chat box but based on our experience the chat box can translate into 1 – 5% of website visitors who are looking for answers now and are prepared to engage with the company.  The other great thing with Chat Boxes is they typically allow for adding an email which can be useful for future premium content pieces you choose to send.

Directly Email Leads

Can’t get more simple than this approach.  When someone reaches out to you from a web form, direct email can be one of the most effective ways in communicating back with them.  Yes, this is a form of lead nurturing.  Any form of communication back with the prospect is looked at as lead nurturing, but the key is following up with them within 24 hours or even sooner when their need or interest is most pervasive.  You can even be reading an article that is not even directly connected to your company but you know could add value to your prospect.  So after reading, you go through your list of leads and send the article to them knowing it’s directly relevant to them.

Social Media

Nurturing leads extends beyond communicating via email.  Social media is the likely next best channel to connect and engage with leads and those who have already connected with your company.  Probably the best platform to connect with leads is Twitter followed by LinkedIn.

Tools For Nurturing Leads

Wistia – Great video platform for hosting videos on your website.  You can also send wistia embedded emails to people.

Slideshare – If you create a lot of presentations, slideshare is another great platform both for attracting leads to your firm as well as sharing your presentations with prospects and leads.

Opt-In Monster – If you want to capture people before they leave the website opt-in is a nice wordpress plugin that accomplishes that.  They say opt-in monster can improve your opt-in rates by 200 – 400%.

Hubspot – Known as the premier lead scoring and marketing software for B2B, it does everything from email sequencing, lead scoring, and analytics.

Salesforce – If you are in sales, Salesforce remains the one tool that you must be using for tracking leads and contacts.  It integrates with many other marketing and sales tools including hubspot.

Zopim Chat – There remains other chat boxes but Zopim is our tool of choice.  Connecting with the website visitor when they arrive brings a sense of immediacy and gives you the chance to communicate with them before they ever leave your website.

CustomShow – This is our presentation software tool that you can use for web meeting and sharing dynamic presentations with your leads.


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