Best Practices From Apple Event Presentation

The Apple launch events are always a great learning experience for a presenter and a designer. The event always seems larger than life by following some basic presenting rules that do not take the attention away from the product at any point. We have laid out some of the learnings from the Far Out 2022, that will help you in your next pitch presentation:

  • The event opens up by talking about how excited people who have built the product are that the product is now going to be available for people to use and make their lives easier.
Apple Event Presentation
  • One has to always start with the problem the product/service is trying to solve. The best way to communicate this information is through a narrative approach—provide relatable stories of customers using these products to improve their lives. Apple did the same by citing examples of how the product has changed people’s lives.
  • Apple never shies away from telling how great their product is, so stop being humble and tell the world how great your offering is, and elaborate on your expertise and accomplishments.
Apple Event Presentation
  • Apple talks about its legacy, but at the same time, they talk about how they keep innovating, incepting the idea that it will always stay relevant. 
Apple Event Presentation
  • Apple understands the value of keeping the presenter at the center of the presentation. The visuals and words are there to support the storytelling and enhance the experience.
Apple Event Presentation
  • Far Out had multiple presenters and no presenter is on the screen for more than 10 minutes. They bring in the subject matter experts to talk about the product. Listening to a single presenter talk for 30 minutes can feel tiring, whereas the interplay between co-presenters is more interesting. It just feels more natural, much like a conversation and it’s easier for an audience to remain engaged. 
Apple Event Presentation
  • Apple uses a lot of video (both dramatic and subtle) in their presentation for every slide. There is always motion. There is never a moment for more than 10 seconds where the camera or content is stagnant.
  • Always use bigger fonts and lesser words. Showing a lot of text is no more effective than simply copy-pasting a chart of numbers on a slide and explaining it. But like images, the text also needs to be easily understood.
  • Apple talks about technical details of the product, although it might not be completely understandable by the audience. As it’s important to make your audience understand what and how your solution is unique compared to your competitors.
Apple Event Presentation
  • Apple always recaps the offerings of the product. After your build-up and story-telling, the audience only retains 50% of what was said. Therfore it’s important to re-iterate all the important pointers.
Apple Event Presentation
  • They smartly compare their previous product with the updated version. Hinting they are their only competition and to show it’s such an upgrade
Apple Event Presentation
  • The closing of the presentation was as enthusiastic as the start. Also, repeating the important aspects and telling the audience how the solution will make a difference in their lives. And circling back to the same point where the presentation started.
Apple Event Presentation
  • The whole presentation has a very well-defined structure. A topic is introduced, a teaser video is shown, then a problem area is defined, and then a complete solution is presented. Finally, a trailer video is shown at the end to reinforce everything that was presented. The structure is genius, Apple has been using it for years and it really keeps people engaged and excited.

Create and give presentations that are at par with your product/service. It takes a lot of work, but if someone is willing to listen to your ideas it’s worth the effort to make it engaging. CustomShow, helps create enterprise B2B beautiful presentations easily.

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