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The Importance of Content and Design for Engagement

In order to connect with your audience, it’s important that you are engaging them in a dialog. There are many elements that go into this but two of the main ones are at the intersection of content and design. I’m sure you’ve seen content that fell flat because it lacked any sort of visual appeal. Other pieces may have the visual elements in order but end up not having any level of depth. There’s an important balance that must be achieved and tracked.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is about creating community and conversation around your brand. This is often achieved by reaching out to people, starting conversations, and showing your appreciation for each and every response. Before you can really begin to define what engagement is for you it’s important to fine-tune your goals. Everyone has different goals when it comes to engagement.

One goal could be to increase traffic to your site and generate more leads for that you need a in-house SEO team or hire SEO agency. Others could want to gain more brand awareness and engage with your audience through a dialog on social media. You can buy followers on Tiktok, Instagram and other social media platform. Before you set out to meet these objectives, it’s important to define what success looks like to you or you can run ads on these platforms to enhance your reach.

Importance of Design for Communication

Communicating must be retained by your audience, and attention spans are at an all-time low. Compelling and visually appealing content often goes much further than plain text. Design elements are an essential part of your engagement. You must create a personal logo (you can do it in seconds with a logo maker). For instance, when it comes to your healthcare website, a visually appealing and user-friendly design is paramount. With strategic placement of visuals, intuitive navigation, and responsive design. Moreover, design elements are an essential part of your engagement. You must create a personal logo you can do it in seconds with a logo maker and brand colors for your brand recognition in the first place. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is accurate in that you can process visual information much more efficiently when it is designed and laid out. One example:


The above image is a great example of content that has been laid out in an clear and concise way making it easy to digest and understand. Regardless of your topic, this should be your goal. It’s also important to remember to create and spread content that is consistent with your brand.

The best design agency can also help you with creating appealing content.

Gathering Analytics

Depending upon the platform you’re using for sharing content, your analytics will be different. For a webinar you’ll want to track number of sign ups vs attendees. If you’re sharing a presentation, the number of times the attachment is viewed and by whom will be something important to track. The biggest problem with most presentations is they aren’t engaging which brings up our biggest question: what’s the point of tracking engagement if your content isn’t engaging?

Analytics are great – but they’re only as good as what you’re tracking. CustomShow’s enterprise-focused software was created to bridge the gap and give you the tools to create dynamic and visual presentations in addition to the analytics to understand what is working and what is not. Don’t forget that the best web design agency is using all of the following techniques to bring the best value to their clients and users.

In conclusion it is important to remember not only to have great content but to also combine that with great design in order to have the best results. If you’d like to receive more information and a free demo of CustomShow’s enterprise software, you can request a demo here. Happy selling!