Standing Out in the Pitch with CustomShow


Pamela Holt, Actress and Producer of Travel Shows


Pamela Holt embarked on a journey to pitch her solo travel show, “Me, Myself, and the World,” and a groundbreaking idea for “Airbnb TV.” Collaborating with Falkor Digital, Pamela sought to craft compelling pitch decks for streaming networks such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Freevee.


Impact of CustomShow:

Upon encountering CustomShow’s presentation platform, Pamela was astounded by its multimedia capabilities, revolutionizing her approach to storytelling and presentation delivery.

  • Stunning Presentations: With CustomShow, Pamela realized the potential to present her show and ideas in a visually captivating and immersive manner, elevating her pitches to new heights.
  • Standout Pitches: Armed with CustomShow, Pamela made 456 calls to pitch “Me, Myself, and the World,” ultimately securing meetings that were pivotal in securing a streaming deal. CustomShow’s reliability and ability to engage immediately set her apart.
  • Multimedia Storytelling: The integration of multimedia elements allowed Pamela to tell her story in a memorable and impactful way, a key factor in landing a deal with a streaming network. Her show is now streaming on multiple platforms and has been renewed for a second season.
  • Desktop Viewer Advantage: CustomShow’s Desktop Viewer became Pamela’s secret weapon, enabling her to pitch her show with flair and professionalism wherever she went. Notably, it captured the attention of a disinterested party at a conference, transforming their demeanor from indifferent to impressed.


Pamela Holt’s success story exemplifies the transformative power of CustomShow in enhancing presentation impact and securing business opportunities. By leveraging CustomShow’s multimedia capabilities, Pamela not only secured deals but also captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impression in the competitive world of entertainment.

CustomShow empowers storytellers like Pamela to deliver compelling presentations that drive results and make a lasting impact. Are you ready to elevate your presentations? Start your journey with CustomShow today.

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