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How to win the battle against a Zombie PowerPoint


We’ve all seen it in meetings: PowerPoint presentations with outdated information, horrible template graphics, and yet another person who has tried to reinvent the wheel. These painful and ineffective meetings have fallen victim to the zombie powerpoints.

What is the PowerPoint apocalypse?

How much time do you think you’re spending trying to find/search/organize old PowerPoints when you should be focusing on other elements of your job? Marketing managers are constantly struggling to keep the sales team’s presentations on brand while containing the correct and updated information. Software like PowerPoint only exacerbates the problem when there aren’t any ways of organizing the information and maintaining version control. It’s very easy to get buried when you can’t find the right one and know if it is even up to date.

These rogue PowerPoint presentations that keep popping up, much to the chagrin of managers and executives, are like zombies that can’t be killed.

Signs that your business has been infested by the PowerPoint zombies:

So what weapons can you bring to battle these old zombies?

1. Slide library management

Slide library management software will help your business in the following three ways: Improving productivity, Improving efficiency, Improving accuracy. All these effectively lead to less time worrying about organizing and more time that you can focus on closing sales. When slides are organized into clear and searchable databases, it’s easier to access and reference past presentations. At CustomShow we realized that this organization can save you hours of time and so we created a presentation software solution with just that in mind.

2. Insure consistent branding

Keeping only the latest versions on an accessible cloud drive is the best way to be sure that the branding for your company isn’t being messed with.  Whether you created your presentations in PowerPoint or another presentation software, CustomShow gives your team the ability to manage and update all slides from within the cloud.  This availability and ease of use leads to both quality and brand consistency.

3. Make sure all information is up to date

Another problem with having thousands of versions is you may update one of them but that information doesn’t translate to the others. CustomShow has a realtime editor so that when you update the information, it converts that information across all presentations regardless of location. This version control gives you the peace of mind that someone on your team won’t be giving misinformation to a key client.

4. Seamlessly utilize HD Video

It’s consistent across multiple industries that HD Video drives user engagement. However, Powerpoint users are missing a tremendous opportunity by not being able to use Video in a presentation. At CustomShow, we believe tools used for presentations should have 4 primary functions including creation, management, sharability, and delivery.  If video wasn’t bucketed under creation it would have its own section because we believe so strongly that this is what helps brings your story to life. Tools that are not effective in leveraging video in presentations makes presenters and sales team inefficient in getting their message across.

5.  Leverage analytics

Once you hit that send button with traditional attachments you have no idea if your prospect looks at your deck 1x, 10x, passes it around internally or never looks at it. You call, email, leave message with no luck. With CustomShow, we actually send all presentations out as unique links instead of attachments. Since we’re sending out links we also can offer analytics behind the decks you send to prospects. Every time someone opens your presentation you’ll receive an email to you inbox. Taking that one step further we allow you to go inside CustomShow and see a full report of what slides were viewed. Having all that information let’s you follow up with prospects with greater efficiency and win more business.

Interested in our presentation solution for your business? Sign up for a free demo here and take that first step to let your old presentations rest in peace.