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17 Sales Presentation Powerpoint Design Firms


As a presentation software company, we normally do work with other creative and sales presentation Powerpoint design agencies who choose to utlize our platform for all of their clients.  As you know the big players include Prezi, Powerpoint, us, and Clearslide and most of these design agencies use the bulk of these tools.

So we thought it was relevant to share the list of sales presentation Powerpoint design firms we have and have not worked with in the past starting with our sister company Sales Graphics.

Sales Graphics


Sales Graphics is a full-service sales presentation powerpoint design agency providing award-winning design, technology and strategy to help businesses meet their presentation goals with maximum peace of mind. We provide high-end team presentation design services that include strategy, graphic design, video production and delivery software. Sales Graphics’ full-time staff of Designers, Presentation Experts and Project Managers deliver on-going presentation and design services to a wide range of clients across multiple industries.



Ethos3 is another presentation design agency that does similar work to Sales Graphics.  They also offer a presentation training class.  CustomShow has specifically worked with Ethos3 in the past.  Per their website, they say “Our presentation training service is completely customizable and proven to work for team members at every level of the organization.”  As one of the few presentation design agencies, these guys get and it have a process they work from to develop stunning and engaging presentations for clients.

Industrial Creative


Industrial really does offer an array of services that span beyond presentation design including 

  • Print & outdoor advertising, consumer & trade
  • Emmy consideration advertising campaigns
  • A/V promo, network & syndication
  • Web advertising banners
  • Presentation development
  • Retitles
  • Concepts & script development for shoots
  • Motion graphics
  • Photoshoot art direction

We included these guys in the mix because they are a creative agency with some focus on presentation design and development.

AVC Immedia


AVC Immedia has three core service offerings including audiovisual, video and 3D animation, and design.  In the design space, they offer an array of buckets in creative with dynamic presentations being one of the areas they help companies develop.

Equinox Group


Equinox Group is a marketing and design agency with a full suite of services.  The Equinox Group offers the perfect balance of strategy and creative. For their clients, this ensures the right hand talks to the left, increasing efficiency, impact, and return on investment. They are a strategic planning group, marketing department and creative agency that their clients can tap into whenever they have a business problem to solve. Our clients often refer to us as their secret weapon—and we love that.

Buffalo 7


Buffalo 7 is a powerpoint presentation design agency based out of the UK.  Powerpoint seems to be their choice of weaponry in designing amazing presentations.  Like most presentation design firms, Buffalo 7 also will assist their clients with story telling, bringing the message to life, and designing the presentation so it makes a huge impact on the listener(s).



Puffingston is an award-winning presentation design and training agency focused on creating business presentations that engage, persuade and inspire. We’re based in Austin, Texas and offer custom presentation designs nationwide through Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote and other compelling platforms.

Bright Carbon


Bright Carbon is a relatively large presentation design agency with locations in the UK and the US.  BrightCarbon helps sales and marketing teams create effective sales tools, and learning and development teams create effective training content. Mostly that means presentations and elearning, but it can also mean dynamic animations, or visual conversations, or interactive PDFs, or infographics – anything that uses their visual storytelling abilities. These tools really work – they help our customers to hit their “numbers”.



I&D offers a number of creative solutions ranging from animation and brochure collateral to promotional and package design.  But their agency seems to hang their hat on presentation design and development stunning presentations CEO’s and other organizations.



Duarte is about presentations and stories that transform. They serve communicators who want to influence change and rise above the noise.  Started by Nancy Duarte, their creative agency boasts of over 50 creative professionals and principals.  They have the abillity to deliver presentations in any capacity including new presentations, events, multimedia, device based, and even everyday presentations.

Big Fish Presentations


Big Fish Presentations entire company is centered around coprwriting, design, video, and even some training.  But as evidenced by their name, they hang their hats on developing amazing presentations for clients.  From beginning to end, Big Fish helps clients present something that has meaning and emotion. Something that has impact. Something that inspires.  They believe great presentations come from great stories, and great stories create even better experiences.

Stinson Design


Stinson Design has years of experience creating and designing PowerPoint presentations and collateral presentation materials. We’re always on top of the latest trends in the industry and we’ll take this know-how to apply it to our work. A great presentation takes time and skills—we can bring your idea to life so you can focus on the presenting part.



Presentitude is a presentation and information design firm, with extensive and unique experience of creating corporate presentations and information material. They combine your need for strategic business communication, growth strategy and our professional passion for strategic presentation design including brand presentations. Their background is in corporate communication that gives them a solid and unique understanding of how to transform critical business objectives into presentations in all shapes and forms

Slides That Rock


They design presentations that help you stand out, connect, and sell your idea!  Slides That Rock® is a boutique design studio serving awesome clients around the world. They believe in FOCUS and we do one thing really well – they create presentations that sell your message! They hate crappy presentations, and they are on a mission to help the world make slides that rock.

Empowered Presentations

Empowered Presentations is a presentation design agency based out of Hawaii. They seem to also specialize in presentation training as well as incorproating video into your presentations.



At SlideGenius, we know that a presentation is more than just a collection of slides; it’s an opportunity to greatly increase your profits and client base. That’s why we have a team of presentation designers, copywriters, and web developers, all working to help you maximize your PowerPoint.

Pitch Worx


They consist of a team of presentation experts who turn big ideas into visually thrilling stories. Here we provide you access to full suite corporate presentation design services and link you with top-notch graphic designers and web developers.

With every good presentation is a good presentation builder that fit the intricacies and identity of your organization. At CustomShow, we believe our presentation software can do just that.