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The Importance of Presentations for Marketing


Marketers are always looking for creative ways to stand out. One way that companies can stand out is by having creative and visual presentations that impress prospective and current clients. There’s nothing worse than using old presentation templates and cut-and-copy bullet points and fonts. While this may convey the message, if your listener dozes off halfway through, your efforts will become useless.

At CustomShow we value the importance of both function and design. We developed software that helps cross-functionality between marketers and salespeople. By using a platform in the cloud, here are four ways that presentations can be integral to your quality marketing process.

1. Branding and Messaging Consistency:


There are few things more important than having a consistent and unified message. You must think through what you’re going to say, craft that story around what you’re going to say, and make it simple enough that it gets through. Using the right words, pictures, and structure, and saying it over and over again are all elements that go into a great presentation. Regardless of your presentation (Marketing, Malaysia market report, etc.), you must have a consistent and useful message.. Many people don’t think about why they’re putting the presentation together. It’s imperative that they know the purpose and they stay true to that purpose. Being clear about the reason you’re presenting and backing it up with a well-thought-out message is vital to a company’s success. For more on message discipline check out our interview with Gavin McMahon.

2. Brand Equity/Version Control:

Brand Equity

If you’ve ever been a part of a long email train with multiple versions of the same presentation being passed around you’ll know that this is not an effective way of keeping things in order. Instead of looking through dozens of old emails to find the most recently updated version, CustomShow’s cloud-based slide library management system allows you to keep everything organized and updated across all versions. Check out our post showing a step-by-step on how easy it is to implement changes with a single update. This consistency helps brand equity and keeps the marketing message strong.

In today’s digital age, the presentation’s design and accessibility are just as crucial as the content. While tools like CustomShow streamline the management process, integrating modern design principles ensures your presentation stands out and engages the audience. That’s where harnessing the expertise of the best webflow design agency comes into play. With their experience, they can craft designs that not only reflect your brand identity but also enhance the user experience, ensuring your presentations are both visually appealing and effective.

3. Time Saving:

Time Saving

Any time you’re spending editing and building presentations is time taken away from other vital tasks. This is the reason CustomShow was created to be simple yet elegant. You can quickly build and edit seamless presentations. Giving teams in different locations the ability to edit in real-time is also a valuable time saver. The interface is simple yet also allows the use of multimedia such as video background and other elements that make your presentation stand out from the rest. Whether you’re trying to teach how to write meta descriptions or share social media marketing experience, this is a much more simplified way to achieve it.

4. Cross Team Collaboration:

Cross team collaboration

Instead of having to wait for your office in California or Chicago to get back to you with revisions. You can set up a time for everyone to hop on and review and edit together. All in all our platform is designed with you in mind with the ultimate goal to simplify your process,  make an impact and deliver results. A social media scheduler can help you with team collaboration as well.

Every good presentation is a good presentation builder that fits the intricacies and identity of your organization. At CustomShow, we believe our presentation software can do just that.


Presentations are integral to successful marketing channels like organic, paid and email marketing. They effectively convey information, engage audiences, and drive desired actions. Well-crafted presentations captivate attention, establish trust and showcase expertise. They provide a platform for creative expression and innovation, utilizing multimedia elements to create a memorable experience. Presentations align marketing strategies with business objectives, ensuring coherence and effectiveness. In a competitive market, a compelling presentation can make a significant impact and differentiate a brand. From pitching new ideas to sharing research findings, presentations are indispensable tools for marketers to achieve their goals.