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Avoiding “Death by PowerPoint!” – Other Options


Are you tired of using PowerPoint (PPT) in your business? Do you see people’s eyes glaze over when you need them to intake information that is vital to your business? Does it bother you that even when you think of creative ways to convey information, you’re limited by the software itself?

Interestingly, “PowerPoint alternative” is a term that is searched online nearly two-thousand times monthly.  So if you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are certainly not the only one who feels this way— and you will be glad to know that an excellent option exists.

Some PowerPoint frustrations we’ve experienced over the years include:

  • Video doesn’t reliably work
  • Can’t email large PPT files
  • Boring templates  look like everyone else’s
  • Different versions of PPT break video and animation
  • Doesn’t look or work the same on Macs and PCs

If you have nodded your head to any of these issues, you will be interested to know that you no longer have to settle for PowerPoint. You have options.  Here at CustomShow we have heard the problems and solved them.  In addition to building new quality features, CustomShow has kept the best PowerPoint elements including: drag and drop, ease of editing, and the familiar slide format. CustomShow still lets you utilize text boxes, and still works like PowerPoint, but instead of all the glitches and problems, you simply get all the benefits. And CustomShow is the best platform for business presentations because it’s reliable and user-friendly.

CustomShow’s Presentation Software Benefits include:

  • Collaborative environment that is perfect for teams
  • Central Library lets management update and control content
  • Allows unique designs, custom fonts, and superior editing capabilities
  • Easy delivery, tracking and file sharing
  • Storage in the Cloud

Since everyone would agree that different tools are required for different jobs, CustomShow is proud to have created this amazing tool focused on businesses rather than individuals. At CustomShow we are dedicated to helping you make your business’ message unforgettable. We’re committed to being the tool you use to stand out as different and, most importantly, make your message stick.  It’s time to stop overdosing on bullet points with generic backgrounds and invest in the right tool for the job—CustomShow.

Questions?  Schedule your free consultation with a CustomShow professional here.