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Which Presentation Problem is Your Software Solving?


Presentations have lots of problems, that much we all know. And there are lots of different tools out there to solve them. The first question you have to ask as you look at these tools, however, is: which presentation problem is this software solving? And then the follow-up question is: is that really the problem I’m trying to solve?

When we look at the problems with presentations today, we can break them down into three main areas:

  • Design: The “Better-Looking PowerPoint” Problem
  • Management: The “Where’s the Latest Deck” Problem
  • Delivery: The “How Do I Email This” Problem

With the explosion of Cloud-based software tools available to businesses and individuals today, many of these problems are being solved. Most of the time, however, these software tools are built to just solve one of these problem areas.

Presentation problems can also be looked at from the point of view of who is having the problem: Individuals or Teams. Presentation solutions that work for an individual might not be feasible or effective for a Team, and Team solutions might be overkill for an individual. Most of the software solutions available in the Cloud solve the problems for one or the other, but rarely both.

Slide Bureau, Haiku Deck, and others like them focus on the “Better-Looking PowerPoint” Problem for individuals. They let users quickly and easily make beautiful presentations by providing templates and formats to keep users from creating bad slides to begin with.  But they don’t address the Management or Delivery problems nor do they provide the tools Teams need to manage presentations across their organization.

CustomShow is built to solve the “Better-Looking PowerPoint” Problem across an entire organization where brand consistency, brand identity, collaboration, sharing and management are all critical to success.

Here’s how CustomShow solves the “Better-Looking PowerPoint” Problem for Teams:

  • Our Slide Library lets team members quickly build from the latest version of well-designed slides
  • Teams can build and manage presentations collaboratively while working off the same branded templates
  • Cloud-based sharing, organizing and delivery lets teams work together from beginning to end

With all the presentation software options out there today, make sure you’re solving the right problem with the right tool.

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