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Why Multimedia Presentation Software With Video Capabilities Matters


Oftentimes we create and design presentations with tools such as PowerPoint but there’s a level of frustration in the creation process irrespective of how beautiful it looks.  Sometimes in order to avoid this frustration, we’ll hire a design firm that can create beautiful slides for sales teams and organizations to look their best and win more deals.

Interestingly enough, even if companies are happy with the traditional static graphics and text on their presentation decks, they still feel uncomfortable with how PowerPoint handles video and other multimedia properties.  Video in presentations  further buttress our messages and without a smooth transition from a static slide to a video, something seems diminished in our presentations.  Whether you are giving a TED talk or preparing your sales team for a major pitch, video is what brings life into our presentations.

3 Reasons Multimedia Presentation Software Matters

Brings Your Story To Life

At CustomShow, we believe tools used for presentation should have 4 primary functions including creation, management, sharability, and delivery.  If video wasn’t bucketed under creation it would have its own bucket because we believe so strongly that this is what helps brings your story to life.  You can have 40 – 50 slides but the moment you add a video, it further enhances your story with texture, depth, and richness.

Tools that are not effective in leveraging video in presentations makes presenters and sales team inefficient in getting their message across.

Makes The Transitions Smoother

Transitions are also important in presentations.  CustomShow’s tool allows for incredibly smooth transitions between the slides and videos the presenter wants to use.  You should not feel nervous wondering if a video you want to add will be appear because of the presentation tool you are using.  The transition give presenters confidence and helps maintain the attention of the audience.

Allows For More Control Of The Video

Finally, you can control the pause and play of your videos more effectively.  Having the ability to play only certain portions of a video and tie multiple videos together is an important presentation tactic that not all presentation software is able to do.  Do not overlook the importance of being able to control video and your messaging with video more effectively.

Do be like the person from A Ted Talk who experiences a bad presentation moment.

With every good presentation is a good presentation builder that fit the intricacies and identity of your organization. At CustomShow, we believe our presentation software can do just that. View the power of CustomShow in the video below:

For more ideas, check out this slideshare below: