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Using Big Data Analytics To Improve Presentations & Sales


Big data is being incorporated into the psyche and usage of organizations everyday.  We now have companies spending $100’s of millions in big data to predict their ideal customers, where they hang out, and how to further improve their companies.  But how many of them use big data to improve their sales teams and just as important their marketing and sales decks?

Are you using big data to improve your presentations?  How are you incorporating data analytics to become a better sales team?  What data points is your analytics team using to create predictive models on what constitutes success and what does not.  In order to first answer this question, lets define what Big Data is.

What Is Big Data?

This big data presentation does a pretty good job, but to sum it up, big data utilizes many of the digital footprints left behind by people thus allowing corporations to utilize that information to their advantage to build predictive models and make more informed decisions.  Digital footprints ranging from Google Analytics data, social media footprints, google searches, etc.. can all be used by corporations.  How many of them though are using it to build better and more convincing presentations?

Why Big Data Matters For Sales

Big data utilizes the collection of information and data points to help organizations make decisions.  We’ve seen many marketing teams use that information to better target customers they know are likely to be prime buyers of their products or services.  But we don’t see it as often used by sales teams. Sales teams have been in their own silo not using data points to create a stronger selling message.

In our post about the sales funnel, a 20% increase in conversions goes a long way in improving the the overall marketing spend.  Using big data will help a sales team reach those goals.  But what data points can be useful in creating more compelling presentations?

What Data Points To Look For?

There a few data sources and major data points to look out for to create stronger sales presentations:

  • Google/YouTube Searches – We like to consider google searches that are in high demand as the best data points to incorporate in sales presentations.  As a perfect example, our software company choose to lean in with the word “presentation software” versus “presentation programs” because “presentation software” collects more search volume and also because it speaks to the core of who we are as a technology firm.
  • Social Media Data – Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, you can scrub social media data relevant to your industry to get a sense of what people are talking
  • Google Analytics Data – Probably the best data you can use to inform your presentations is the actual google analytics data you see.  You can track landing page conversions and use that alone as a means to determine which landing pages are resonating with buyers and plug that same information into your presentations.
  • Google Adwords Data – Most companies advertise via Adwords.  Don’t just use it for lead generation.  Use it to build stronger sales and presentation decks.

Using Big Data Moving Forward

This does not have to be a complicated process.  Big data helps companies foresee who their strongest buyer channels are, who specially those buyers are, and what messages resonate with them.  The data source above can address all three of those areas for organizations.  Take proactive measures with your sales team and collaborate with your marketing team to determine what’s resonating with buyers who interface with your organization.