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Presentations are your MOST Valuable B2B Marketing Channel


Thousands of people come to your website, and some of them take action and convert to prospects. Millions of people view your TV spots and some of them become more responsive to other marketing efforts. Thousands of people read your outbound emails or take your cold calls and some of them respond, engage, and eventually convert. Some of those people may even be your target customer, and an even smaller group of them may be the decision-makers you need to reach to close the deal.

Almost ALL of the people who see your sales team’s presentations are the decision-makers you need to engage and persuade to close the deal. In high-value B2B sales/enterprise sales, the presentation is where you close the deal.

On a purely View to Value basis, sales presentations may be the most valuable marketing channel any B2B company has. It’s the one opportunity where you are in front of the key decision-makers engaging in a branded, real-time conversation about their needs and your value. Unlike the volume-based marketing channels of the Web, TV, events or print, sales presentations are the ultimate low-volume, high-value channel that guides your prospects through the last step from the opportunity to revenue.

So why do companies invest so little time, effort and resources in designing, building, managing and delivering their presentations? Why do they send out their sales team with documents that aren’t up to the level of design, quality or technology as ANY of their other marketing channels?

Should companies spend as much on sales presentations as TV ads or their entire digital budget? Maybe not. But should they treat sales presentations and the materials they give their sales team as seriously as they treat their other digital marketing channels? Absolutely.

We built CustomShow to be that marketing channel for sales presentations. Built to deliver branded design and consistent messaging on par with the best TV spots or print campaigns. Combined with the analytics and delivery options of today’s digital solutions, CustomShow is more than a presentation platform—it’s the “most valuable-marketing-channel-your-company-has” platform.

Paul Shapiro is the CEO of CustomShow, the leader in real Cloud-based presentations. Paul’s background includes over 20 years of building and giving presentations.

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