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Hear from the Experts: 8 keys to successful sales presentations


We asked experts on Twitter the following question: What is the key to a successful sales presentation? Read below for the expertise from different presentation and sales coaches from around the globe. And if you like what you see, be sure to follow them by clicking directly to their profile from below.

1. Stacey Hanke- Chicago

Getting to know your audience is crucial. No one will care about what you’re presenting unless you make it about them and their needs.

2. Paul Parish- Manchester

Being brief, simple, and memorable is imperative to close the deal. Throwing out tons of data and text heavy slides will bore and quickly loose your prospect. The rule of three is also something good to keep in mind – your audience is more likely to consume information if it is written in groups of threes.

3. + 4. Patricia Fripp- San Francisco, CA

Retaining customers is also vital and makes much more sense than spending much more to acquire new ones. Speaking their language and knowing their needs is a good way to make sure they stay with you and don’t go elsewhere with their business.  

5. Mike Aoki- Toronto, Canada

Always do your research ahead of time and prepare as much as possible before getting in front of your client. Answering any questions they may have before they ask them is a great way to win the business.

6. Ryan Vena- Philadelphia, PA

Have the right tools. Don’t allow your message to get lost in the medium and keep your audience engaged by being prepared.

7. Jan van Setten – Netherlands

A presentation is going well if the prospect is doing the majority of the talking. Present what you have to say then really listen to their needs. Be engaging and you’ll be much more likely to gain their trust.

8. Randy Glasbergen- Mayberry

Keep your presentations fun and lighthearted by breaking up your content with images and cartoons

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