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Deliver Great Presentations With These 8 Awesome Techniques


It’s a fact that most people are not comfortable at all when they have to present something to big groups. This is a shame though and that’s because if you can nail certain presentations, then you can (depending on situation) influence VCs, customers, potential employees, but also business partners and one can only imagine what opportunities may arise from doing so.  Studies also show that the ability to deliver presentations in a corporate environment traditionally leads to career advancement.  Therefore, if you’re not good with presentations at all, then let’s take a closer look at some of the tips you could use so that from now on you’ll always be able to deliver great presentations.

Show Some Energy

If your presentation is going to sound like a conversation, then it’s going to be boring. Since your audience has their laptops, smartphones and other gadgets that can easily keep them busy, you need to command their attention right away.  Tell some jokes, be perky and don’t forget to use your hands and project your voice. Never mumble and make sure the tone of your voice is right for the point you’re trying to convey.

Incorporate Stories Into Your Presentations

If you want your presentation to be amazing, then you need to tell a story, and that’s because stories stir emotions, humanize issues, and with the help of an AI writing software, create a compelling narrative. On top of that, you can connect easier with your audience if you tell a story which touches them in a lot of ways and therefore allows you to gain their attention.

Structuring Your Presentations Is Vital

While it’s okay for you to tell stories, it’s recommended that you always have structure. What this means is that your message needs to be broken into key components that follow a thesis. You’ll then need sub-themes to reinforce your main theme. However, if you’re not great with logical structures, then you may want to study it a bit since it can really take your presentation to a whole new level.

Be Memorable And Unique

At speaking events you’ll find that there are a lot of speakers and most of them are boring. Because of that, you need to do something that makes you stand out of the crowd, something that makes you unique and memorable. You could do something creative or maybe tell a joke, but whatever it is, make sure that you can pull it off really well.

Know Your Audience

By knowing a little bit about the audience before you get on the stage, you’ll be able to use that information to your advantage in various situations. For instance, you may joke about how there are a certain number of people in the front row and correlate that to the presentation. You’re there to speak to the audience, so be sure that you keep everyone entertained.

Summarize Your Points

If you really want your audience to remember the core of your presentation, then you need to be a bit repetitive with your takeaway message. For instance, you could repeat your take-away point 3 times throughout the presentation in order for people to better remember what you’re trying to convey.

Keep It Simple

At the end of the day, the goal of your presentation is to convey the audience what you do and why it’s important. Because of that, you should never start offering them more details than they care to listen or know. All they care about is that you come up with a solution to a problem, so make sure to simplify your message and deliver only what matters to them.

Make It Visual

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that you can always capture an audience’s attention with visuals and not with bolded or bulleted text. With pictures you can easily set the image, while your voice is going to tell what you otherwise would’ve put in bullet points. This means that you do need to memorize the things you’ll need to say when each image comes up and even if it’s harder, it’s the best way to deliver your message to your audience.

As you can see, you can now easily give great presentations by employing these amazing tips that will turn you into an expert speaker no matter if you’re going to be in front of 10 or 1000 people. As a result, all your presentations will be a success and if you’re lucky, you may even be contacted by large companies to give presentations for their upcoming products or services.