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CustomShow Chosen as a Top Marketing Tool for 2017


CustomShow named Top Marketing Tool of the Year 2017
CustomShow – Top Marketing Tool 2017

There’s a lot of new technologies that help sales and marketing teams today, but most of them are focused on just one side of the equation. Sales teams have SalesTech tools that help them be more efficient and effective, while Marketing Teams have their MarTech stacks to help them drive conversions and achieve their marketing goals. But rarely do these tools connect those Sales and Marketing teams together to help them achieve their common goal of driving revenue. Smart Selling Tools’ 2017 Top Marketing Tools Guide is the first guide to the MarTech stack that focuses on just that issue and highlights the tools that bring sales and marketing together.

Smart Selling Tool’s 2017 Top Marketing Tools Guide is broken out into several categories that cover the broad range of MarTech tools that help marketing and sales teams work together. Those categories include:

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Journey
  • Top of Funnel
  • Specialized Solutions

At CustomShow, we focus on Customer Experience and the impact that sales and marketing teams can have on their B2B sales prospects. By giving presenters quick and easy access to impactful, branded, and engaging presentation content, marketing teams empower their sales counterparts to make every presentation count.

So whatever your company’s sales and marketing needs are, Smart Selling Solutions’ Top Marketing Guide is a great place to find tools help your sales and marketing teams work together to drive revenue.