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Alternative To Apple Keynote (Why CustomShow Is More Dynamic)


Apple’s Keynote presentation software has been around for quite some time.  It’s features are useful for creating decent presentations at zero to no cost.  But when we speak with our clients, there really is a cost that is both indirect and inherent when you’re unable to build above average presentations that wow your prospects and allow you to close more business.

We wanted to provide a fresher as to the features and benefits that CustomShow provides everyone from the small business owner to our fortune 500 clients.

Slide Library

CustomShow possesses a built-in slide library that allows teams to access pictures, files, videos, icons, special text, and other file types that can be incorporated into any presentation imaginable.  You can effectively store all of your collateral which also make it great for collaboration with creative, marketing and sales teams that want to pull form the same sources or share great imagery with everyone on the teams creating and altering presentations.

Stored Branded Assets

Our library also allows you create your own branded assets that can be stored.  No more creating inconsistent messages and branded presentations.  Maintain all of your logos and branded collateral so again your team can maintain a consistent message and leverage the assets that are most effective in converting prospects into clients.

Cloud Based

Because our presentation software solution is cloud-based, you can access and download your presentations from anywhere there is a WiFi connection.  This is the glue that allows teams to collaborate and maintain updated presentations that can be accessed from anywhere.  This also allows for unlimited storage of branded collateral that can be stored on our cloud based system.

Powerpoint Import

This is a new feature many of our existing clients requested.  Because many organizations are transitioning from powerpoint based presentations, being able to import existing presentations versus starting from scratch has been a huge time-saver for our clients.  With the click of a button, you can take just about any of your powerpoint presentations and import them into CustomShow’s software, thus converting your old presentations to the CustomShow Standard, where you can make all the updates and changes you’d like.

Present On Any Device Both Online & Offline

Whether you are device agnostic (desktop or tablet) or prefer a specific device, CustomShow will allow you to presentation from any device.  For the tablet, just download the CustomShow app, download your presentation(s), and you are off to the races.

If you want to be able to present offline, simply download the CustomShow app onto your desktop and download the presentations you want to present from.

Leverage Video More Dynamically

Our software not only allows for importing videos, but you can leverage videos much more dynamically with CustomShow.  From background videos to your standard video placed strategically in your presentations, you can further have the flexibility of bringing your presentation to life.

Slideshow Links (Sharing Made easy)

Because our software is cloud based, you can turn your presentations into lead generation tools for connecting with prospects or even sharing amongst a team to get feedback.

Hold Web Meetings

Holding web meetings has been easier.  You can host web meetings within CustomShow and utilize your CustomShow presentations to present from.  CustomShow Web Meetings were built to stream full screen video with audio to provide the best possible experience for the audience. Bandwidth is automatically tailored to the speed of each viewer’s network connection.

Presentation Metrics & Analytics

The piece that brings it all together.  Understanding the analytics and metrics of your presentations is what allows you to improve and build more effective presentations.  Our analytics and metrics piece tracks many components of your presentations including the following:

  • Who is viewing your presentations
  • How much time they’re spending on them
  • Shared links and open rates
  • Also you can integrate with Salesforce

Apple Keynote has its perks but CustomShow is truly built for that organization that wants to wow their audience and win more business.  We build it for that reason only and have had many adopters of the software since its inception.  For more information, feel free to email us below.