Increasing Sales & Conversions At Each Step Of The Sales Process

Sales Marketing Funnel

Whether you are in sales or marketing, creating opportunities to improve conversions at each step of the funnel is vital to one’s productivity and success in generating more leads and ultimately more revenue.  Sophisticated marketers now use social media to create opportunities while more of the old school sales people leverage their own tricks to ensure they stay in front of prospects and give themselves more opportunities entice them by one’s product or service.

Increasing conversions at each stage of the funnel can have multiplier effects at each stage so creating more ways to improve conversions can have lasting effects on one’s pipeline of prospects. Besides the below guidelines, there is a must security protocol called SSL certificate that should be first installed on the company’s website. Without SSL, the browser will show a warning when your visitors visit your site. So, it is essential to purchase an SSL certificate for data security and customer assurance.  At CustomShow, we’ve developed what we consider to be the standard sales process for most business-to-business professionals.  Here is our partial list of things you can do to give yourself more chances to succeed.


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