Online Meetings with HD Video

"CustomShow lets us play our video the way it's meant to be seen, even when we can't be there in person. This is vital for our sales efforts."
Account Executive

Present Slides and Videos to Audiences Across the Web

If your company uses Web meetings, you already know what would make them better: HD video, full-screen transitions between slides, mixing slides from different presentations, a preview of the next slide, no need to launch a separate application to host meetings, and lower cost than the competition. We’ve been hard at work making all of these things happen — right from CustomShow!

Create, manage, and update your presentations in CustomShow and present them anywhere: on your computer, online, and now on your iPad. CustomShow: the one place for all your presentations.

Here’s what makes our Web meetings exciting:

  • HD video: CustomShow now lets you present full-screen video to your audience over the Web.
  • Full-screen transitions between slides: Existing Web meeting software translates your PowerPoint slides into a low-quality experience that stutters and stalls. CustomShow Web meetings offer a high-quality experience that looks every bit as great as being in the same room.
  • Preview of the next slide: It’s easy to forget what’s coming next in the heat of the moment. CustomShow displays the next slide before your audience sees it, so you never have to wonder.
  • Mixing slides from different presentations: CustomShow makes it easy to pull slides from multiple places into a single Web meeting. No more switching between applications or launching files while your audience watches.
  • Single app: Part of what makes existing Web meeting software so frustrating is that it’s a separate application. CustomShow is your presentation software, and now it’s also your Web meeting software. There’s no difference, there’s nothing else to launch, and it works smoothly.