“CustomShow lets me do more with a smaller team by making everyone more productive. Working with marketing, sales and creative on a single platform saves us team time and lets us make beautiful presentations more quickly and more efficiently. Without CustomShow, I’d need another employee just to keep up with the demand for presentations.

Vanity Fair Magazine is one of Condé Nast’s flagship publications with a premium advertising and sponsorship environment. The marketing team needed an effective way to showcase their advertising and sponsorship opportunities across print, digital and events.

Vanity Fair uses CustomShow to deliver compelling and impactful presentations that showcase their premium content and branded experiences.

Vanity Fair built a library of presentations and slides that showcased their award-winning editorial content as well as the interactive experiences available both online and at their live events. The marketing team used screen capture videos to present the full digital experience available across their digital properties, including interactive units and video content. The events team uploaded video and recaps from their sponsored events to showcase the full breadth of experiences available as part of the Vanity Fair brand.

Using CustomShow allowed the marketing team to build more impactful and compelling presentations that showed off the full breadth of Vanity Fair’s branded content. And by keeping everything in a central, online library allowed both marketing and sales to quickly build new presentations and respond to requests and opportunities in real-time. The combination of great-looking presentations with the efficiency of a centralized library allowed Vanity Fair have the best of both worlds – better presentations in less time.