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"The sales presentation is where the rubber meets the road in business."
George Chevalier, Founder

CustomShow was built on the idea that the sales presentation is special. Unlike a website, printed brochures, TV commercials or billboards, the sales presentation is where the rubber meets the road in business. When giving a presentation, the sales person meets the client, engages, persuades, and hopefully closes the deal.

Born out of years of building presentations for sales teams as Sales Graphics (http://salesgraphics.com), we learned how important presentations are and how sales people really use them. Whether it was the hand-lettered sales boards of the 1960’s (think Don Draper) to the multi-projector slide-shows of the ’70’s and ’80’s to the first CD-ROM presentations of the ’90’s, every presentation we built had to do three things: be reliable, be engaging and tell the story clearly.

Through the years, we used different technologies to help us deliver on those three promises. When 35mm slide projectors became available, we jumped on them. When computers could play video, we switched to CD-ROMs. When the internet let us connect with clients to deliver engaging content anywhere, we built CustomShow. Whatever technology we used, we always remembered that at its core, the sales presentation is about a connection between a presenter and the audience.

As we continue to develop CustomShow as a product and service, we always keep in mind our three promises: be reliable, be engaging and tell the story clearly. Today that means reliable Cloud-based delivery and accessibility, engaging streaming video, beautifully designed presentations, and an up-to-date Library of presentations enabling every salesperson to tell the right story.

"Business presentations need to be reliable, clear and persuasive. CustomShow was built to let marketing and sales work together to deliver the best presentations possible."
Paul Shapiro, CEO

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