Share Presentations with HD Video

"CustomShow lets us play our video the way it's meant to be seen, even when we can't be there in person. This is vital for our sales efforts."
Account Executive

Share Presentations with HD Video

Share any presentation
Quickly convert your CustomShow® presentations into links which you can email to anyone, without clogging their inbox and without requiring them to download files. We call these SlideShows. Now anyone can see your slides and videos without long download times. Best of all you can track who’s viewing your content. This doesn’t replace an in-person or Web meeting, but it’s great for leave behinds.

Give everyone a front-row seat
People click on your link to see your slides. There’s even an option to view full screen, so your audience sees everything exactly the way your marketing and design teams intended it — without compromise.

Viewing History
The activity summary gives you important information at a glance. You’re able to see which SlideShows are being viewed and which are not. You’re also able to see key statistics such as number of views.

We ensure that your viewers provide a valid email address. That way you know for sure who’s looking at your slides. That’s just good business.

Smooth video
Videos are streamed so they always look great and play smoothly. In addition, the files are never stored on the viewer’s computer, which makes IT departments happy — especially when sensitive information is being shared.

Expiration dates
Set an expiration date or let your SlideShows live forever. Did you mistakenly share that information with the wrong person? You can cut off their access at any time. You also decide whether viewers may print your slides, and whether they may forward your link on to other people.

Make your slides public or private
CustomShow’s security controls allow you to choose specific people who can view your slides, or open them to the world. And you can change your mind at any time. Either way you’ll be able to see who’s viewing your slides.

Detailed tracking
You can always see who views your SlideShows, when, and for how long. Did they look at every slide? Did they forward it to a colleague or two? You’ll know. You can also choose whether or not to receive an email each time your SlideShows are viewed. This is the ultimate tool for sales teams.