Deliver Great Presentations

Great presentations combine the right design, the right content and the right target. CustomShow gives you the tools you need to target your presentations to your audience. Customize and edit content, present online, offline or on your iPad and track results with usage and viewing metrics.

Save Time, Pitch More

CustomShow’s Library lets you build custom presentations in minutes, saving salespeople on average 30 MINUTES per presentation. Spend less time looking for the right slides and more time pitching your prospects. Real-time Library updates also ensure that you’ll never be stuck with out-of-date data or have to spend hours finding the latest numbers.

Present with Confidence

CustomShow is built for presenters. Present offline from your laptop or iPad and never worry about connecting to a WiFi network at the last minute. Seamless video playback ensures you’ll never have to worry about technical glitches at the client site. Web Links and Online Meetings give you the flexibility to present anywhere.

See Results Immediately

CustomShow notifies you immediately via email when your presentation is opened by a prospect. Find out how much time they spent looking at your presentation, how many slides they looked at and if they forwarded it on to a colleague. See when participants joined and left your Online Meetings and which slides they saw.