CustomShow: iPad Presentation Software

iPad App Demo

1. Please download our free CustomShow app from the iTunes store.
2. Launch the app on your iPad and tap “Show me how it works” in the bottom-right corner.

"I was able to stop someone in the hallway and show them a business presentation without missing a beat. It was great!"

Deliver Sales Presentations Anywhere With CustomShow®: Online, Offline and on the iPad.

Work together
Marketing teams create, manage, and update presentations in CustomShow. Sales teams present them anywhere: on laptops, online, and on the iPad.

Slides and videos are automatically transferred to iPads, and they look beautiful on the iPad’s glossy screen. Play entire CustomShow presentations including full videos. Slides and videos are displayed full-screen, without the status bar. Quickly choose from a list of your available presentations.

Works both online and offline, so no need to worry about an Internet connection during meetings or on the road. The slides and videos live on the iPad so everything works all the time.

Create and update presentations from both PCs and Macs. Slide updates are sent directly to the iPad without the hassle of cables.

Manage business presentations on hundreds—or even thousands—of iPads from a single computer. Sales presentations automatically detect updates, so everyone always has the latest version.