“CustomShow allows us to deliver the full impact of our events every time we present, whether it’s in person, over the Web or off an iPad. It’s changed how we sell—for the better!”

Image Media Productions is a leading event and production company that specializing in creating impactful experiences for their clients and their audiences. Their challenge was that their presentations didn’t fully reflect the quality and impact of their work, especially when they had to present remotely over the Web. They knew they needed a solution that both let them build presentations that showed their work to its fullest effect and also gave them the flexibility to present in person or online.

Image Media Productions uses CustomShow to deliver video-rich presentations the fully show the experiential impact of their events and productions. Delivering presentations both in person and over the Web, the Image Media sales team uses CustomShow daily to close more deals.

Image Media Productions implemented CustomShow first by building a library of case studies and examples of all their best work, including HD video of events and productions. Sales people were then able to customize presentations with the best examples and case studies for each client. The Image Media Productions sales team also took advantage of the CustomShow Online Meetings feature, which let them deliver presentations with HD video over the Web. This allowed the salespeople to deliver more impactful and representative presentations more frequently and reduce travel expenses.

Using CustomShow the sales team was able to deliver more impactful presentations more frequently while saving money on travel. The result was more sales and lower costs. By engaging prospects earlier in the sales process with full-motion video examples of work and past productions, the sales cycle was shortened. Reducing the need to schedule travel also helped to reduce the sales cycle and help prospects make buying decisions more quickly. The bottom line was more sales and less costs, resulting in a big win for Image Media Productions.