40 + Presentation Software & Powerpoint Alternatives For 2022

NOTE: This is a list of 40 different presentation software tools.  If you’re looking for only Free Presentation Programs, check our post on 9 Free Presentation Tools you can start using today.  Great for educators and students.

If you are truly serious about purchasing new presentation software and need some guidance, you should check out our buying guide to presentation software.

If you want to build a business case for a Powerpoint alternative in your company then here is a great resource.

At CustomShow, we like to think that everyone can use our presentation software to create better-looking presentations, thus serving as a great PowerPoint alternative for large corporate enterprises, educational institutions, design agencies, small-to-mid-sized businesses, and highly creative individuals.  But that won’t always be the case.  We cater to business organizations and individuals that need to deliver engaging and impactful sales pitches filled with videos, animations and other rich media as well as need real time collaboration between presentation designers and presenters.  We don’t usually promote our competitors. But at the end of the day, we want you to have a pick from the full list of presentation tools that are on the market and that could fit your needs.

Selection Criteria for Powerpoint Alternatives

To be objective in our analysis of Powerpoint alternatives, we use the following criteria:

  1. Ability to support high definition video, animations, 3D graphics, VR and other rich media to deliver an awesome experience.
  2. Slide library management to enable your sales team to easily customize and personalize each pitch.
  3. Brand and regulatory compliance by providing adequate control on what can and cannot be changed.
  4. Presentation analytics to see how well the audience engaged with your pitch deck when it was shared with them.

Powerpoint alternatives give you plenty of options to choose from.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and we hope you will find your perfect fit.  We’ll examine the presentation maker programs we believe would be great and even the ones that may not be but could still be another viable solution.


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