B2B Sales Presentation Strategy Ideas: Interview With BrightCarbon

At CustomShow, we’re really good at creating a presentation software that works for sales and marketing teams.  We understand powerpoint alternatives are really what’s needed to make the sale for organizations.  But on the other side of our software is presentation design experts who understand how to design beautiful presentations that achieves the objectives of the company.  So we decided to go outside of our own firm and reach out to the guys at BrightCarbon.  Richard Goring is a managing partner with the firm as well as a co founder.

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How To Make A Presentation: The Importance of Delivery

Earlier on our blog, we featured the four keys to a great presentation. These four elements are Content, Design, Structure and Delivery. Today we’re going to highlight the important aspects of the delivery and ultimately how to make a presentation great.

The substance of your presentation is valuable, but delivery matters just as much. It determines success or failure. How you present your content, engage your audience, and leave an impact are delivery elements that can turn an ordinary presentation into an unforgettable experience. This blog explores not only what to include but also how to deliver effectively. We emphasise the crucial role of delivery in leaving a lasting impression, whether you’re in a room full of professionals.

2 Major Consequences if the Presentation is not Delivered Effectively.

1. Loss of Audience Engagement: Ineffective delivery can lead to a disengaged audience. When a presentation lacks enthusiasm, clarity, or engagement, attendees are more likely to lose interest and become distracted. This can result in reduced retention of key information and a missed opportunity to convey your message effectively. Without engagement, your audience may leave the presentation without a clear understanding of your content.

2. Diminished Impact and Influence: A poorly delivered presentation can diminish your overall impact and influence. Even if you have compelling content, ineffective communication can significantly reduce its impact. It may compromise your ability to persuade, inspire, or inform your audience, ultimately impacting the desired outcomes of your presentation. Inadequate delivery can leave your audience unconvinced, unimpressed, or uninspired, making it challenging to achieve your intended goals.

We have been building and delivering presentations at CustomShow for over a decade and at Sales Graphics for 40 years before that, so we’ve seen our share of presentations. So here are several keys of delivery that we have observed over the years.

CustomShow can be instrumental in enhancing the effective delivery of presentations. The tool streamlines and enhances the delivery process with its user-friendly interface and feature-rich platform. It offers a variety of tools and capabilities, including interactive elements, multimedia integration, and professionally designed templates, all of which contribute to creating presentations that captivate the audience and effectively convey information. Through its user-centric design and accessible features, CustomShow empowers presenters to focus on their delivery, helping them engage their audience more effectively and leave a lasting impact.

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The Value of StoryTelling in the Sales Presentation Process

In a story, you provide the context to customers and can drive points home harder. Through stories, facts and raw data gain meaning. Stories are how we best learn and visualize information. They simplify and clarify even the most complex information. They can hook an audience with emotion. Additionally, stories help people remember what they've heard.

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