The 4 Keys to Great Presentations For Business Or Other

What makes a GREAT presentation? We’ve all seen presentations and they run the gamut from good to bad to ugly. But what goes into making a presentation GREAT? Is it the design? The content? The structure? The speaker? Let’s find out the 4 keys to great presentations for businesses.

I’d like to suggest that it’s all of those things and go even further to say that a GREAT PRESENTATION NEEDS ALL 4 KEY ELEMENTS TO BE GREAT. Just having one or two or even three of these elements is nice, but for a presentation to be GREAT you need all 4 key elements: Content, Design, Structure and Delivery.


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Why Multimedia Presentation Software With Video Capabilities Matters

Oftentimes we create and design presentations with tools such as PowerPoint but there’s a level of frustration in the creation process irrespective of how beautiful it looks.  Sometimes in order to avoid this frustration, we’ll hire a design firm that can create beautiful slides for sales teams and organizations to look their best and win more deals.

Interestingly enough, even if companies are happy with the traditional static graphics and text on their presentation decks, they still feel uncomfortable with how PowerPoint handles video and other multimedia properties.  Video in presentations  further buttress our messages and without a smooth transition from a static slide to a video, something seems diminished in our presentations.  Whether you are giving a TED talk or preparing your sales team for a major pitch, video is what brings life into our presentations. (more…)

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Effective Sales Presentation Tips & Ideas – Win More Business

Salespeople are constantly looking for sales presentation tips to create compelling presentations that convince the audience to buy or perform the suggested action. Being unique and different while effective remains the core of how salespeople succeed in business presentations, If you are going to utilize presentation software to design and create your presentation, there are certain elements and strategies that are tried and true and can help salespeople win more business. From our years of experience, we have seen many who have done amazing jobs leverage effective presentation techniques, and we wanted to supply several strategies you can utilize to help you win more business.


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Presentation Tools: The Missing Piece In A Marketer’s Tool Kit

See full funnel image here.

Imagine you’re an enterprise spending $100,000 a month on various advertising channels that you expect will generate leads and overall interest in your company through your website.  How important would you consider the aesthetic appeal and feel of your website to be in converting those visitors into actual leads?  Would you invest in a high-converting website?  Of course you would.  Sending traffic to a low-converting website is wasted marketing spend.  For that reason, many organizations are increasing their marketing budgets or, at minimum, allocating those resources to website analytics and conversion tracking tools that allow for split testing and other optimization.  We’ve even seen companies spend anywhere from $10,000 up to $1 million just on conversion tracking and analytics software such as Marketo and Unbounce.  These companies understand that they must have an effective website that supports their $100,000/month marketing spend.  If not, their marketing spend is not working as effectively as it could.


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