The Importance of Video in Presentations

It’s no secret that videos are a valuable way of communicating information. With attention spans dropping and the need to get larger amounts of information across in a shorter period of time, a well placed video can take your presentation to the next level. While many presentation software programs may not support seamless video integration, you really can’t afford to not make this an important consideration when making your purchasing decisions.  What is the cost of not using video in all of your presentations?

According toto eMarketer, YouTube will bring in $1.13 billion in video ad revenue this year, or roughly 19% of US digital advertising business. Any CMO would agree that video is the most powerful digital marketing tool available. With that said, surprisingly most companies don’t use video in their presentation. Powerpoint makes this challenging, and sending large attachments with embedded video files can also be a pain. No sales executive ever wants to be in a pitch and navigate to a slide with a big red X on it.

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