Spring Cleaning: 3 Steps for Organizing your Presentations

Springtime is only a couple of days away and with the changing of seasons comes a great opportunity to organize your presentations. Many businesses have thousands of presentations, but finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Without a way to catalog or manage them in one place, having all those presentations can do more harm than good.

In order to improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity it’s important to be able to quickly reference and locate all past presentations. So why not get organized so you can spend less time going through old presentations and more time closing deals?

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Which Presentation Problem is Your Software Solving?

Presentations have lots of problems, that much we all know. And there are lots of different tools out there to solve them. The first question you have to ask as you look at these tools, however, is: which presentation problem is this software solving? And then the follow-up question is: is that really the problem I’m trying to solve?

When we look at the problems with presentations today, we can break them down into three main areas:

  • Design: The “Better-Looking PowerPoint” Problem
  • Management: The “Where’s the Latest Deck” Problem
  • Delivery: The “How Do I Email This” Problem

With the explosion of Cloud-based software tools available to businesses and individuals today, many of these problems are being solved. Most of the time, however, these software tools are built to just solve one of these problem areas.


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CustomShow versus ClearSlide

Cloud Computing ConceptWhen creating a presentation within a team, having both solid organization and control of design is crucial. The ability to make edits quickly and efficiently while eliminating the potential for confusion with multiple versions is extremely valuable. While ClearSlide is a cloud-based add-on to PowerPoint, CustomShow is a fully cloud-based platform and end-to-end solution.

With ClearSlide based on PowerPoint for creating and editing presentations, here are three of the major limitations when utilizing ClearSide to manage your team’s presentations:

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Content As A Key Element For A Great Presentation

contentLast month we featured the four keys to a great presentation. These  four elements are Content, Design, Structure and Delivery. Today we’re going to highlight the important aspects of content.

We have been building and delivering presentations at CustomShow for over a decade and at Sales Graphics for 40 years before that, so we’ve seen our share of presentations. Over the years it’s become clear what works and what doesn’t.

3 elements of great content:


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